Nedship Sovereign 105m Superyacht

Nedship Sovereign 105m

Nedship have been busily designing their latest luxury yacht. Called the Sovereign 105m the vessel is a giant super sport yacht with what Nedship call “the James Bond Factor”.

The Nedship Sovereign 105m is designed for leisure and luxury use, and it offers an array of entertainment features as well as a unique appearance which is designed to make the vessel stand out against its contemporaries. Over 5,000 sqm of deck space means the Sovereign 105m offers enough space for all kinds of events, either private or business.

The Nedship Sovereign 105m features a 70 sqm cinema, as well as a spacious garage on the lower deck for the owner’s vehicles. One optional feature is a second helipad at the bow of the yacht which allows for up to helicopters to land at the same time.

The Nedship Sovereign 105m is powered by either 2 x 8,000 hp engines (allowing up to 23 knots), or by 3 x 10,000 hp MTU engines (allowing up to 30 knots). The range is approximately 6,000 nautical miles.

Features of the Nedship Sovereign 105m:

• Master upper deck suite with approx. 400 sqm
• Private master outside deck (could be in combination with a private pool)
• Various guest GA from 6 VIP guest suites (each around 60 sqm and with its own balcony) or up to 14 smaller guest suites.
• 1 or 2 swimming pools (8 x 4.5m)
• Heli pad (2nd optional)
• 70 sqm cinema
• Gym with massage salon and sauna,
• Golf patch and several other natural areas
• 1 impressive central staircase with an elevator and 2 service staircases
• Lots of lounge and guest areas (Internet café, library, Piano corner, beach club, ….)
• Full beam garage for up to 15m tenders and lots of toys as well as cars.
• At least 8 extendable balconies

Source: Nedship

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