ONDE 300 Yacht

ONDE 300 yacht

In Italy even the Coast Guard looks cooler. Well that’s if they put in a call to Federico Pacini and ask him to pen their next frigate. The ONDE 300 yacht was created by the Italian designer as a 92-metre (300-foot) luxury megayacht. But he also took the time to conceive a Coast Guard version complete with weaponry, helicopters and hovercraft.

The ONDA 300, which translates as WAVE 300 in Italian, was clearly inspired by the rolling curve of a wave. Its impressive feature line rises out of the bow of the ship, runs to 3/4 the height of the vessel and then trails back down to end at the stern. The line of the upper deck mimics this line and together they provide a fairly unique appearance.

While Pacini’s design might just be a concept for now, it has a much better chance of production than most megayacht concepts as the designer is  currently working at Avadesign, a yacht design firm based in Prato, Italy.

ONDE 300 Yacht Specifications (Civilian):
– Max length : 92.84 m
– Max width : 16.87 m
– Water line height : 13.65 m
– Max draft : 6.62 m
– Gross tonnage : 1300 t
– N° deck : 5 (3 + 2)
– Owner+Guest : 12
– Captain and crew : 29
– Tender : 2 x 10 m + 1 x 11 m

Source: Federico Pacini via Tuvie

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  1. u know i think its a pretty good boat its big like a house u can pretty much live in it and id have awesome partys

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