RENM Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition Corsa

RENM Performance Lamboghini Aventador Special Edition Corsa

RENM Performance have just released details on their performance package for the Lamborghini Aventador. The car – called the Aventador Limited Edition Corsa (LE-C) – is track focused and, according to RENM, uses race-developed technology.

RENM Performance start by giving the Aventador some new clothes in the form of a re-designed aero kit which comprises of a new front bumper, new sideskirts, a redesigned rear diffuser and a larger rear wing. Some of the bodywork was inspired by the design of the one-off Lamborghini Aventador J concept, however much of it is entirely new. In addition to the revised bodywork, the RENM Aventador LE-C also features a new suspension setup with adjustable ride-height. Center lock race-specification wheels complete the exterior enhancements.

For the most part RENM Performance have left the Aventador’s engine more or less stock. However they have toyed with the car’s lungs by giving it a new air intake and a road/race valve controlled titanium exhaust system. By matching them with a re-calibrated ECU roughly 10 per cent increase in power has been achieved. To keep everything working as it should, even under extreme conditions, RENM have fitted the car with additional cooling ducts for both the engine and brakes.

On the inside RENM’s work is also visible, although the company have limited themselves to just a few carbon fiber trim elements and the choice of two different seats, a standard unit or a light-weight race seat, both upholstered in alcantara suede.

On the whole RENM’s LE-C kit for the Aventador is well suited to the car, offering a noticable bump in power along with a fairly discreet-looking aero package.

Source: RENM Performance

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