MIG 15-2 Concept

MIG 15-2 Concept Car

The MIG 15-2 Concept is the work of talented Dutch designer Sabino Leerentveld. You may have seen his work before in the form of the beautifully brutal Lamborghini LMP-F concept from last year. This time around he’s come up with something even more outrageous in the form of a retro-futuristic single seat racer which was (accidentally) inspired by Russian fighter aircraft like the MIG 15 and 17.

The MIG 15-2 concept has the appearance of a salt-flat drop-tank racer, but with a few added extras and slightly more sophistication. The sealed cockpit has room for one, and by the looks of it even then it would be tight! Mounted up front looks to be a V12 engine of unknown provenance. The engine is fed copious amounts of fresh air by the gaping circular intake at the front of the car, which quite clearly is a feature shared with the MIG 15 aircraft.

This circular cross-section is continued along the entire length of the car, culminating in another circular opening which mirrors that found at the front.

MIG 15-2 Concept Car

Sabino’s clever use of retro styling mixed with modern details works particularly well on the MIG 15-2 Concept. In particular, I don’t think silver-painted steel wheels have ever looked as good. The minimalist LED lights, both front and rear, are vitually hidden amongst the suspension components.

To finish off the car Sabino has given the concept a paint job reminicent of the Soviet-era fighter, complete with the tell-tale red stars of the Soviet air force and red-painted front air intake.

UPDATED: Sabino just got in touch to provide some additional details of the MIG 15-2 Concept.
4,825mm long
2,450mm wide
1,170mm high
3,478mm wheelbase
Weighs ~ 800 kilos
Powered by an 8 liter viper v10 with ~ 700bhp

And just in case you weren’t sure what the MIG 15 looked like, here’s a gorgeous rendering created by the artist Anders Lejczak at colacola.se.

MIG 15 aircraft render

Source: SabinoDesign.com


  1. I’ve always been a fan of Sabino‚Äôs designs. I’d like to see his own take on a Formula 1 car or even his own spin of a wingless, low-profile, open wheeler or sports prototype in the spirit of Ben Bowlby’s Deltawing.

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