Range Rover LRGT Concept

Range Rover LRGT Concept

The Range Rover LRGT Concept is the product of French transportation designer Thibault Devauze. The concept was developed during his internship at Land Rover, where he worked alongside the same design team who created the acclaimed Evoque. The Range Rover LRGT is a proposal for a luxurious crossover vehicle with a coupe-like roofline and an imposing stance. Its size and layout place it somewhere between a 4-door coupe and a conventional SUV. Its closest rival in the real-world would probably be the BMW X6.

The Range Rover LRGT Concept was designed with US and Asian markets in mind. Its considerable bulk hides a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 which produces 540 horsepower and 725 Nm of torque.

Talking about the concept, Thibault says: “During my internship I had the chance to work on the DC100 concept. I was working on six different projects when my chief asked me to start my own. I had six weeks to think about a personal project to show at my degree. I started with sketches and together with two modelers we came up with a first CAD model in one week-end. This first model was helpful for trying out different combinations of shapes and volumes.”

While the Range Rover LRGT Concept might not stand much chance of production itself, it’s good to see that there are still plenty of original ideas floating around the Land Rover design studio.

Source: CarBodyDesign


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