Bugatti TypeZero Concept

Bugatti TypeZero concept

Developed by the French designer Marc Devauze, the Bugatti TypeZero concept is a proposal for an electric-powered, single-seat Bugatti sports car. The simplistic design of the concept was inspired by the Bugatti Type 35 racer. And while the connection might not be immediately obvious, look closely and you’ll notice the dark central section of the TypeZero has very similar contours to the shape of the 35 – it’s just that they are for the most part hidden by the rest of the concept’s bodywork.

Theoretically, four electric motors would provide the car’s forward momentum. These would be supplied by electricity from Lithium-Air batteries. Lithium-Air (or Li-Air) batteries were originally proposed in the 1970s, but it’s only just now that manufacturing methods and materials are starting to make the idea feasible. The technology is still in its infancy, but it offers extremely high energy output when compared to the current batteries on offer. Great for automotive applications – especially sports cars of the future!

In the TypeZero the batteries are located either side of the driver and can be removed quickly and easily through separate openings. This means the batteries can be quickly swapped-out during racing use.

Bugatti TypeZero concept

On the inside Devauze has kept the design intentionally minimalist to recall classic racing car cockpits. There’s an eveloping bucket seat, simple two-spoke steering wheel, a digital speedometer, and a battery gauge.

It’s never going to get built. But kudos to Devauze for incorporating such a little-known but potentially important drivetrain into his concept.

Source: Behance / Marc Devauze


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