Tesla C Concept

Tesla C Concept

The versatile design of the Tesla C Concept (which was created by┬áDejan Hristov) means that despite its small size, just 3.85 metres (12.6 feet), the car can carry four passengers and an assortment of cargo. At the rear of the vehicle a clever pull-out drawer can be used to carry bulky or awkwardly shaped items on the outside of the car. The large electrically-powered sliding doors of the car move forward to allow entry and exit, and when open they provide unhindered access while also remaining close to the body – ideal for tight parking spaces.

The exterior design of the Tesla C Concept reminds me a little of the Honda CR-Z, especially that truncated rear. There are plenty of feature lines throughout the bodywork which provide plenty of shadows and highlights to the paintwork. In order to help keep the cosy interior light and bright, Hristov has given the car a panoramic glass roof to allow plenty of natural light inside.

Tesla C Concept

Naturally the Tesla C Concept features an electric drivetrain. Hristov doesn’t go into much detail, however he naturally envisages an updated and higher kW-hour capacity lithium-ion battery than currently used by Tesla.

As well as the standard Tesla C Concept, Hristov has also developed sketches of a higher performance Tesla C GT model. This car features a bigger battery/electric motor combination, as well as wider arches, bigger wheels and different front and rear bumpers.

Personally I think its a clever concept. It fills a gap left in Tesla’s range, and the GT model looks especially appealing.

Source: Dejan Hristov


  1. Looks pretty close to me – if you actually look at the Model X’s falcon wing doors, they provide access to both the 2nd and 3rd rows of seating, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Model C uses the same concept to provide access to both 1st and 2nd rows. They just need to modify the design slightly so they sweep back as well as up (how awesome would that be?).

    The only flaw is that the rear vision mirrors (if they use them – Elon Musk’s preference is evidently cameras to reduce the drag coefficient) would likely be attached to the chassis, not the door.

  2. Whoops – just saw the pics depicting the sliding door. They definitely won’t use that – Elon Musk explicitly said in one of the interviews re Model X that falcon doors are better than sliding doors because they actually get completely out of the way when you’re trying to squeeze between cars to get into the door.

  3. Very well done Dejan. You should work there. The side profile in black with green calipers is outstanding. I would buy that in a second. And if the S and X models are hitting 250 miles per charge now, imagine when battery technology exists that will carry us 1000 miles on one charge. For a city car like this one, that could equate to one charge per month. Such an amazing notion.

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