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Jaguar XJS and Jensen-Interceptor

Classic face-off is a feature where we show you a couple of similarly priced classic cars from the same era, and you vote for the one you find most appealing.

Today we have a couple of large, heavy so-called “sports cars” which hail from the UK.  Neither is lacking in cylinders or displacement. But that’s about all they have in common. One is ready to go and appears to be in good condition. The other is going to require some (considerable) work. One is fairly common and won’t turn too many heads. The other is a bit of an oddity and should garner a few respectful nods from those in the know. One is red. The other one isn’t.

1991 Jaguar XJS

First up is this 1991 Jaguar XJS. Power comes from a 5.3 litre V12 which has seen a fairly substantial 119k miles of road pass under its sump. The seller says its had regular maintenance, and has recently had a few major jobs done. Including a transmission service, rebuilt rear-end, rebuilt brakes, new brake lines and a converted ac compressor. The bodywork looks straight and unblemished. Likewise the interior is in good shape. It’s not the rarest or most unusual classic car out there. But it does have a certain charm about it. Price $6,500. eBay link here


1972 Jensen Interceptor

Today’s other participant in Classic Face-Off is another Brit. This one’s a 1972 Jensen Interceptor Mark III Coupe. It’s not seen much love for the last few years. But there’s more than enough of the original car left salvageable to make it worthy of a restoration. For the money it has considerably more character than the Jag, but the downside is you’ll have to sink some considerable cash into the car to bring it up to the same standard. On the upside the rust is far from terminal. Oh yeah, and there’s a 375 horsepower V8 somewhere under that enormous hood. Price $6,500. eBay link here

It's your $6,500, which would you go for?

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  1. I would pick the Jensen, the Jaguar is clearly immaculate but the Jensen is something special and could be worth as much as $32k restored if it was a FF (Ferguson Formula it is a 4WD)the wraparound rear glass is brillant allowing great visability. It has the name Interceptor which is as cool as a car name gets it has a rakish clean 70s look. With a cool paintjob and new upholstery it could be great again. Best thing to do with it is to modernise the mechanicals or chop it’s roof off as convertibles are worth $64k. Interceptors are being modernised by a company in the UK and they cost $120k each. Eric Morecambe used to have a coupe in the 70s(from Morecambe and Wise fame Britain’s best loved comedy duo of all time).

  2. Jensen for me, a beautiful machine.

    Ideally it would be the FF, which I believe had two vents on each flank.

    Jensen International Automotive will build you a new ‘old’ one, and there is talk of a totally new retromobile.

      • Hi Jeff,

        The good: car is 1 owner and totally original down to every nut & bolt with everything there and very little rust.

        The bad: it took a small hit in the rear that only became evident after media blasting, they only replaced the rear cap, but I decided to put new rear quarters on it to do the job right. Nothing major, though.

        The ugly: requires a full restore in and out, but I knew that up front. Might exceed value of car now, but it is a hobby project for myself and I wasn’t looking to make a profit.


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