2013 BMW 3 Series GT Spied

BMW 3 Series GT

The fan boys over at Bimmerpost have managed to snag themselves numerous hi-res photos of the all-new 3 Series GT as it went about its business during a BMW video shoot.

The 3 Series GT looks more or less identical to the 3 Series sedan from the front, except for some minor changes to the fender vents. However in profile and from the back it shows off its bulbous, inflated rear end. It’s not quite the same rolling abomination as the 5 Series GT. But it’s also quite clearly the ugliest of the 3 Series family.

In the pictures published on the Bimmerpost forum there are two different cars depicted. The silver car is an M Sport model which carries an aerodynamic package and M Performance brakes. While the darker colored car is a Modern Line model with brushed/satin aluminium trim pieces.

It’s expected, although not confirmed, that the 3 Series GT will gets its official unveiling at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show in January.

Source: Bimmerpost/F30post

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