Alfa Romeo 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept

Alfa Romeo 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept

Alfa Romeo is one of those brands of automobile manufacturer which has always attracted a dedicated and devoted following. Some show their love for the brand by buying their current wares, others by restoring gems from their past. And some pay homage by trying to design their future.

Two such people, Florian Jaille and George M., professionals working in the automotive industry and self-proclaimed Alfisti, have spent some time coming up with a retro-inspired sports car which would sit somewhere between the 8C Competizione supercar, and the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C sports car.

The Alfa Romeo 6C Cuore Sportivo concept was inspired by a number of cars from Alfa Romeo’s past. Including the 1939 6C 2500 Sport Touring and the gorgeous Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. The car features a rather attractive blend of classic curves and proportions, mixed with contemporary stying cues like the highly original headlights and uncluttered bodywork. Throughout the design a boomerang or v-shape repeatedly crops up. It can be found in the trademark grille, the lateral air intakes, the taillights, the rear window, and the shape of the central exhaust.

Although the designers don’t mention what drivetrain they envisage for their creation. In traditional Alfa Romeo nomenclature “6C” would designate the car as being fitted with a 6-cylinder engine.

Source: Florian Jaille

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