Rinspeed microMAX Concept

Rinspeed microMAX

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Switzerland-based Porsche tuner and concept car fabrication company Rinspeed unveiled the Rinspeed microMAX. This practical concept was designed for communal city use. The idea is to harness the power of the ubiquitous smartphone-app, and create a vehicle which can be used by multiple people from different households. The app would work in real time, and it would help you find a nearby microMAX with a driver headed to a similar location, and then put you in touch. Think of it like a hitch hikers utopia.

On the inside the Rinspeed microMAX features a space-saving layout which employs upright seats, which more or less hold the occupant in a semi-standing position. This means there’s room for a driver, three passengers, and bulky cargo like a stroller or shopping cart. Those using the microMAX to head to work early in the morning will be pleased to hear its got an in-built coffee maker and refrigerator.

Powering the Rinspeed microMAX is an all electric drivetrain of unspecified potency or configuration.

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