The Bugatti Gangloff concept is the work of Polish designer Pawel Czyzewski. The concept was inspired by the one-of-a-kind 1938 Type 57 SC Atlante Coupe which was built by the French coachbuilder Gangloff. But it’s not all retro, there’s a good deal of influence coming from the Veyron, which gives the concept a contemporary connection to the brand.

Bugatti Type 57 and Gangloff Concept

On the inside there’s also a number of cues which are also reminiscent of the Veyron, including the large oval-shaped center console, high-mounted shifter, and center-tunnel mounted engine start button.

As usual with these independently designed concepts, the chances of it making it any further than its creator’s hard drive are slim to none.

Source: Pawel Czyzewski and BoldRide via CarBodyDesign

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  1. Type08    

    I’m a 34 year old graphic designer but passionate about car design as well. I’ve been following the car industry for more than 20 years now and practically there’s no vehicle in production that I don’t know of. But Pawel, this is the most beautiful car that I have ever seen in my entire life!!! Such a wonderful harmony between interior and exterior, the shape of the car itself is beyond words and every single element of it is amazingly balanced with others. People at Bugatti would be crazy if they don’t even reconsider this is an option. It’s even more beautiful than Lamborghini Aventador and I thought that no one will ever be able to design better looking car than Aventador. Hats off buddy, if I was you I would fly over to Bugatti headquarters and make them a presentation, what do you have to lose? BRAVO!

    1. Donald Seymour Jr    

      I could not had said it better it myself. Well done. Hey, Jeff bless up with your opinion on the car.

      1. Jeff Darling    

        Personally I like it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love it as there’s a few elements which are a bit too busy or superfluous for my taste. I think he’s done a great job with the lighting – its stylish and original, and the C-shaped intakes are a good connection to the Veyron.

        1. Donald Seymour Jr    

          Hey, Jeff, I’m still learning about design in itself. So, in your opinion what would be the things that you would alter or delete? Basically, what are the superfluous elements as you stated?

        2. Jeff Darling    

          Well It’s just my opinion. But I’m not 100% sold on the design of the two small vents behind the front wheels, or the EB logo ahead of the rear wheels. Pretty minor stuff though really.

  2. tre    

    I see what they were going for, and the back and sides are great. But that front… .. ruined everything

  3. Darkwing    

    I think it would cost 500 thousand pounds. For example. And what will you get for that money? No climat control, no radio, no mp3 music, no usb connector, no multitouch. 21-st sentury! This is useless, is it also appreciated as the hair at the bald head?
    But this is absolutely awesome desine, the same awesome as SLS AMG, but it is exterrior, and what about interrior? Absolutely no interrior!

    1. works with the development team for this car    

      so sorry to burst your bubble darkwing but this car was inspired by 1938 type 57 sc atlantae coupe which was one of a kind it has very little or no technology because its luxary and speed alone makes it one of the most fancy cars on the planet. it was never intended to be classified as a sports car. Think about it if you can qfford one of these handmade beauties would you rather take a drive in it or listen to music there are alot of things this articule doesnt say about this car. feel free to do more research on bugatti’s you’d understand it more. This is the cheif of design for the company saying goodbye.

  4. em dubbs    

    honestly, the one thing i would change is the headlamps. Something about the stick part that goes toward the center of the car is off putting for me. It’s not awful, just…odd, but other than that, this car is a homerun.


    Remember that Pawel Czyzewski is an entirely self-taught designer who has no formal training in car or transport design.

    That makes his Gangloff concept all the more remarkable; it should leave many a “professional” car designer somewhat red-faced.

  6. Andrew Jeremy    

    From what I see is very great, but not perfect, because I can’t see the rims original look. But it’s really magnificent and unbelievable from a guy with no exp for car designing.Absoulutely Marvelous!!

  7. Reza BA    

    I love Bugatti
    Its crazy car



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