Honda GEAR Concept

Honda GEAR concept

Honda unveiled the GEAR concept car at the 2013 Montreal Auto Show in Canada. During its introduction, Honda said the GEAR was a vehicle aimed at younger buyers living in the city.

According to Honda, the designers took inspiration from fixed-gear bicycles. But it’s difficult to see quite how that’s been achieved. Unless it too struggles to keep moving on even mild inclines?

It’s unclear as to whether the Honda GEAR Concept represents a preview of an upcoming production subcompact car. Or if it’s just Honda’s creative minds blowing off a little steam. However the sensible and practical design of the car probably hints at the first option.

Dave Marek, Design Director at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. said of the concept: “Subcompact cars are usually either utilitarian, but uninspiring or they’re fun, zippy cars that are impractical and too expensive for the Gen-Y buyer. GEAR Concept tears down those walls – it’s practical but fun, customizable, connected and affordable. Everything that young, discerning urban buyers would want in a car.”


Source: Honda

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  1. Great style concept! Would be nice if it could make it to market unwatered-down. Give it some performance and create a new hot-hatch market. Maybe position it as a replacement for the not so well selling crz? Attract not only the young crowd, but also people intersted in a city car, who aren’t sold on offerings such as the Smart fourtwo or toyota IQ.

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