Anibal Automotive Design Porsche Panamera Prestige

Following on from their 911 Attack package, Anibal Automotive Design, a Canadian tuning company with a penchant for German metal, have just unveiled their rather over-the-top aero kit for the Porsche Panamera.

The “upgrade” takes what is arguably Porsche’s ugliest model, and hides it under some even uglier bodypanels. There’s more air scoops and grilles on the this Panamera than can be found on a Japanese SEMA show car. By my count there’s at least 14. And several of them are in places where vents don’t have any business being for a front-engined car.

In addition to all the extra holes, Anibal Automotive Design have also added some deeper bumpers, lower sideskirts, wider wheel arches and a wrap around rear spoiler.

There’s no word on pricing for the Panamera Prestige package, or whether the company have developed performance parts to go along with their exterior modifications.

Source: Anibal Automotive Design

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