RC car chase

Some people have WAY to much time on their hands. And that’s fine by me, because without these gods of the frivolous we wouldn’t have awesome YouTube videos like this.

Take a couple of RC Ford Mustangs, throw in a few helicopters, tanks and dumper trucks and you’ve got the beginnings of a car chase any Hollywood studio would be proud of. Only trouble is you need a setting for your chase. Well that’s where a couple dozen cardboard boxes, a hot glue gun and some spray paint comes in handy, as you can knock up a suitably scaled-down town in a long weekend!

Source: YouTube/FinalCutKing

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  1. Godzilla145    

    Still say freddie wong did it better, but anyone who does something like this is a-ok in my book.

  2. Vic 1    

    Loving the fake cafe drive-thru. Good ending too!

  3. Donald Seymour Jr    

    Hey, what I say in anything is to have have fun.

  4. Adam smith    

    a nice idea to have fun. soon with the help of my other club members we are going to make it more interesting Radiostyrda Bilar race.

  5. Berrymartin    

    thanks for sharing such a nice Rc Car race with us, its real source ho enjoyment, i am also a big fan of rc vchicle especially rc car,. Let me know if there is some pix or video that you would like to share i really looking forward to watch that.

    Berry Martin

  6. Elisa    

    RC ads just keep getting better – check out this realistic continuous action chase just uploaded to youtube

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