Kymera Electric Jet Board

Ever felt that a jetski is too bulky and expensive, but kicking your legs on a body board too much hard work? Well the electric-powered Kymera Jet Board might just be the answer to your dilemma.

The Kymera, which is currently trying to gain some added traction via Kickstarter, is the world’s first electric powered body board. It’s taken ten years and seven prototypes to get this far. The watercraft is based around a rotomolded polyurethane hull with integrated flotation to make sure it never sinks. Power comes from 1,000Wh Lithium Polymer battery and a 1,000W RMS brushless motor. That should give an average run time of 1 hour and an approximate range of 5-6 miles. It couldn’t be simpler to operate. A simple trigger throttle controls speed, and leaning your body left or right controls direction.

Compared to a jetski it’s not that quick, 10 – 15 mph (depending on the rider’s weight). But with your face just inches from the water it should feel a lot quicker. In Kymera’s world, boats are like cars, jetskis are like motorbikes, and the electric jet board is like a go kart.

Kymera Electric Jet Board

It’s not just about playing around though. Kymera also has a serious side, and that’s life-guarding duties. Because it only weighs 48 lbs (22 kgs) it can quickly and easily carried from the beach to the water’s edge, and from there the lifeguard can zoom out to struggling swimmers. A remote control option would also be available for life-guarding models, allowing rescues to be performed without anyone else having to get into the water – especially useful in extremely hazardous situations.

Charging of the Kymera’s battery can be done either by a charger plugged into any domestic socket. Or via a roof rack system with built-in solar cells allowing the battery to be fully charged in 3.5 hours – assuming the sun is playing fair!

Source: Kymera Electric Jet Board / Kickstarter

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  1. This water devise of yours lends itself to recreation and duty in an impressive portable attractive vehicle. We as a society lack due interest in the theatrical Granger of the vast sea. Thanks for open minded concept excellence.

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