Ssangyong LIV-1 Concept

SsangYong LIV-1 concept

At this year’s Seoul Motor Show, SSangyong plan to take along their all-new LIV-1 Concept to show off to the event’s visitors. The LIV-1 isn’t bad, for Ssangyong anyway. But in all fairness, the company’s last two concepts (SIV-1 and e-XIV) haven’t been anywhere near as dire as some of the manufacturers past vehicles. Thankfully, abominations like the Rodius an Actyon seem to be a thing of the past for the ‘yong.

The Ssangyong LIV-1 (Limitless Interface Vehicle) is a proposal for a large SUV. Quite possibly a preview of a future production model. At the moment details are scare on the LIV-1, including what drivetrain they’ve opted for. More details after the concept’s unveiling later this week.

Source: Ssangyong

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