This year’s Geneva Motor Show has turned out to be a Mecca for supercar fans. Not only have three of the biggest names in the business revealed all-new supercars. Numerous lesser-known manufacturers showed up with their supercar offerings – both conceptual and production ready.

But for today’s little question I’ll keep it simple. Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren. To level the playing field a bit, imagine money is no object, and which ever car you choose comes with a lifetime of free servicing. If only!

A quick reminder of each:

Ferrari LaFerrari: 6.3 litre V12, 949 horsepower hybrid drivetrain, 0-62 mp in under 3 seconds, 205 mph top speed, sure to be a legend.

Lamborghini Veneno: 6.4 litre V12, 740 horsepower, 0-62 mph in under 3 seconds, 220 mph top speed, only three in the world.

McLaren P1: 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8, 903 horsepower hybrid drivetrain, 0-62 mph in under 3 seconds, 217 mph top speed, least likely to set on fire or break down.

Which would you go for?

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  1. Matt Brunelli    

    well, a Ferrari is a Ferrari, but I think that this time McLaren reached an higher level, without using a monstruos 6.3 V12. The Veneno is instead the ugliest Lamborghini ever made.

    1. Daniel Santos    

      Prob cos of the lights and the general front end… look at it from the back. Thats where the lovin’s at

    2. thomas    

      yeah but here is something 220 mph that is faster than the mclaren p1 so i think the lamborghini should win

  2. Daniel Santos    

    Lambo… but only cos lambos are always awesome

  3. Jo A. Krueger    

    The McLaren P1 certainly is the most outstanding supersportscar presented in Geneva. As previously already mentioned, the designers behind the Lamborghini Veneno did a poor job. A Lamborghini always used be a sort of automotive sculpture but the Veneno looks as if it was purely shaped by engineers.
    As for the Ferrari LaFerrari, I think the design of it is revolutionary for a Ferrari and therefore maybe a little odd. The overall shape is quite appealing. The only thing I do not like about it, is its front. That “wing” on the front lip of the car looks a little out of place.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I would choose the McLaren P1 for its smooth and somewhat organic design as well as the fact that with less of a wasteful engine, it produces more (Veneno) or almost equal (LaFerrai) horsepower.

    1. Matt Brunelli    

      totally agree, this time McLaren worked really hard on engineering and style….Ferrari worked only on style (come on man! a Ferrari with 949 hp should beat an F-22) and Lambo only on engineering….

  4. I see car people    

    Ferrari for looks. Mclaren for engineering. Lamborghini for mentalness. Tough choice but head overrules heart. I’d take the Mclaren.

    Plus I don’t think I have thick enough chest hair to legally own a Lamborghini.

  5. Joshua Benson    

    Mclaren P1, because of the Mclaren F1.

    The Lamborghini is a ridiculous looking joke if i’m honest, I’d have qualms with it’s styling if I was seven years of age. It just looks so rushed, none of the finesse of the Reventon or Aventador.

    The Ferrari looks good, but I just don’t consider it to be the complete driving experience that the McLaren is. And there are some styling elements that I’m not so hot on, like that red mini F1 style front spoiler, whereas the P1 has really grown on me.

  6. Andrew Jeremy    

    I’ll definitely go for the McLaren! Bec it has so many legends in it. It’s the most fuel efficient, have the most horsepower, and is much cheaper than the lamborghini.I really don’t care about the speed, cause in my country you get ticket if you’re speeding.

  7. Andrew Jeremy    

    Sorry, it’s still have less horsepower than the Ferrari

  8. Konstantinos Misaris    

    Mc Laren for the superb lines they ve realised, LaFerrari comes close but it doesnt reach the almost perfect balanced design, as for Lambo, after the Gallardo, I have the impression the design department is occupied by teens who spend a lot of time in front their computers playing video games…

  9. Audun    

    McLaren, any day. I’m not really a fan of Ferrari, and although I love Lamborghini, the Veneno is just that tiny bit excessive.

  10. Tommy Stephansen    

    McLaren, no doubt. It should drive like a dream, unlike the other two.

  11. Rajveer    

    No Doubt , Lambo Is The Best Option
    I bet that lambo can beat McLaren as well as Ferrari too !!!

  12. Alex    

    I’d go with the McLaren. I’m not a big fan of the LaFerrari, ’cause it’s got a stupid name, it doesn’t go that fast for having 949 horsepower, and it’s not all that eye-catching. The Veneno is okay, but I don’t think I’d want that that much. If it looked a little bit more like the Aventador, it would be okay. It’s also kind-of ironic that it’s the fastest with the least horsepower. Anyway, the McLaren is my choice, ’cause it’s got a lot of speed, a nice look to it, and it doesn’t have a giant engine, unlike the other two. They are all nice, though, I would have to say.

  13. Craig    

    I’m just a sucker for Lamborghinis, just donn’t know any better!

  14. em dubbs    

    Going by looks alone,it’s gotta be ferrari. I just think that mclaren is ridiculous. i’d much rather have the fax machine that the P1. I don’t care what the specs are. Just too stupid looking. Lambo is probably the best but it’s such an epically pretentious pile of shit. I think ferrari is at least try to make something that looks cool instead of just expensive.

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