SEAT Formula 1430 Concept

Seat Formula 1430 Concept

The SEAT Formula 1430 is a race car concept conjured up by the Barcelona-based design studio designcube. The concept was inspired by the 1970s SEAT single-seat race cars which tore up the Spanish circuits in the one-make Formula Nacional (later called the Formula 1430) race series.

The original cars were small, lightweight, and powered by the 1.5 litre engine from the SEAT 1430 sedan. And by the looks of it designcube’s concept adheres to the original brief. Albeit with another seat for a passenger/co-driver.

Arturo AriƱo from designcube said of the concept: “We were thinking to use the same engine as the Seat Leon Cupra R, a turbocharged 4-cylinder inline engine that can produce 265hp, [combined with] racing suspension, brakes and aerodynamic kit”

Depending on the car’s weight, that should allow it to compete against the likes of the KTM X-Bow, Ariel Atom and currently-in-development Donto P1 in terms of performance.

Seat Formula 1430 Concept

There’s no word yet whether designcube have any intention to take the SEAT Formula 1430 project further and manufacture a prototype, or even a number of production cars.

Source: designcube via CarBodyDesign

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