Indy Seven Roadster Concept

Indy Seven Roadster Concept

The Indy Seven Roadster concept is a design dreamt up by the incredibly fertile mind of Swedish designer Bo Zolland. Zolland’s 3D modeling skills really are breath taking. Managing to look photo-realistic yet strangely magical at the same time. His specialty of creating retro-inspired concept cars and jaw dropping boat/sports car fusions has certainly worked for him. His portfolio is filled with a diverse selection of imaginative creations all rendered beautifully in HD imagery.

But getting back to the Indy Seven Roadster concept, the name is a bit of a giveaway. The car was designed to fit on the chassis a of a Lotus/Westfield/Caterham Seven, with just a few modifications. As such it shares almost identical dimensions to the Seven, as well as the same layout.

What’s most amazing about the Indy Seven Roadster concept is the way it looks so natural in its skin. It looks like it genuinely belongs to a time when carburetors ruled the roads and racing drivers wore a suit an tie to work.

Indy Seven Roadster Concept

I love the curvy bodywork, side-mounted pod behind the left front wheel – I think that’s the fuel tank – and the arm scorching exhaust. The wheels perhaps look a little oversized for the car, but that’s nitpicking. Overall it’s a very stylish take on the classic Seven.

Anyone got a Seven chassis laying around?

What do you think. Would you take an Indy Seven over the standard Seven?

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Source: Bo Zolland via Serious Wheels

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  1. Stunning!!!!,
    I would build this but slightly tamer
    Younger generation would not understand original concept and would recognise a cobra instantly
    but an Indy car style would be lost on them,?
    Great looking concept,makes a change from most concepts that are to futuristic to work in real time,
    Love it

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