Volkswagen Fusca Concept

VW Fusca pickup concept

The VW Beetle – or Fusca as it’s known in Brazil – is by anyone’s standards an iconic vehicle. Love it or hate it, it’s rounded shape is instantly recognisable the world over. Lost tribes deep in the Amazon rain forest have probably even heard of it. It’s hardly surprising then that the Beetle is an ever-popular choice for designers to try and reinvent and restyle in their own unique way.

Step forward Danilo Andrade. A Brazilian designer who dreamt up the Volkswagen Fusca Concept. This isn’t the first time Andrade’s work has featured on these pages, but it is the first time we’ve featured something of his with four wheels. The Fusca concept is a proposal for a flatbed pickup-style vehicle with a cabin reminiscent of the original Beet…  sorry I meant Fusca.

Clearly the VW Fusca concept doesn’t look like it’s designed to perform any real work. The cargo bed is far too small and delicate. And besides, there aren’t even any sides or a tailgate. Good luck getting those 2x4s home without leaving them strewn across the highway.

The cabin looks like a cosy place. Even with just the two seats. The engine must be tucked in their somewhere too, making it even more confined. On the upside it should keep your toes warm!

While Andrade’s VW Fusca concept might not be the most practical pick-up I’ve ever seen. Somehow I don’ t think that was his intention. But as a piece of care-free automotive art which captures the spirit of the Beetle and transforms it into something entirely different, I think it works quite well.



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