Trans Am Depot 2014 GTO

Fans of the Pontiac Firebird and GTO must have been so pee’d off when the 5th generation Camaro showed up just a few minutes before Pontiac was closed down. So close but yet so far. So to counteract the disappointment, several independent outfits have created aftermarket kits designed to convert the bowtie-wearing 5th gen Camaro into a facsimile of retro-modern Pontiac muscle cars.

ASC has already come up with their Trans Am rebody, and now it’s time for Trans Am Depot to have a go. The 2014  Trans Am Depot GTO is based on the company’s 6T9 Goat model – a Camaro-based vehicle designed to look like the 1969 Pontiac GTO.

Trans Am Depot have so far neglected to say what they’ve done to the car engine-wise. But a beefed up – and quite possibly forced induction – V8 is the most likely option.

Trans Am Depot 2014 GTO

So far the Trans Am Depot have only released this artistic promo video for the car.

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Source: Trans Am Depot

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  1. Alex    

    It’s a nice looking car. But am I the only one getting the feeling that it looks more like a Challenger than a GTO or Camaro???

  2. Godzilla145    

    Ohhhh, oh dear lord, what have they done… I think I’m gonna be sick. I, I need to lie down. I give them credit for trying, I truly do, but my god.

  3. Andrew Jeremy    

    It has that muscle looking car in it, but I think people would buy like the challenger or the older camaro much more than this car.

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