Belgian Superbike racing team Alstare have just unveiled a concept motorcycle to help celebrate their official return to competition. The concept was developed with the help of design studio Rusak Kreative Designworks, and their animation and 3D modeling partner Tryptik Studio.

The design of the Alstare Superbike Concept is intended to showcase and highlight the team’s 20 years of racing experience with their vision of the ultimate superbike.

The result is something which looks pretty special. Perhaps most striking is the unusual front end, which features what look like carbon fiber girder-style front forks. Although I’m not entirely sure how it would work in the real world, as it doesn’t look like there is any physical connection between the handlebars and the front wheel. Also of interest is the unique front cowling which sweeps down and forward until it nearly touches the top of the front wheel cover. At the rear is a very small and neat tail which comes to a point so sharp it looks as if it would quite happily skewer any late-braking riders coming up behind.

Alstare Concept Superbike

While the Alstare Superbike Concept currently only exists in the digital world. Plans are afoot to develop a full-scale model. With the ultimate goal being to develop a fully functional machine with the help of partners and additional funding.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Source: Alstare via Carbodydesign

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  1. Matt Brunelli    

    if you have one of these you don’t have to steer anymore

  2. Jonathan    

    My God it’s beautiful! I just wonder how you’d turn? Maybe something akin to hub center steering?

    1. Jeff Darling    

      Yeah I thought of that too. Except I can’t see any of the pushrods needed to make it work. I suppose they could be hidden somewhere inside the carbon fiber forks? Even then though you’d have the problem of the wheel having very little room to move before rubbing.

      1. Donald Seymour Jr    

        I use to think the same thing until I find out how motorcycles operate. When making a turn you never turn the wheels, you keep them straight. If you where to turn the wheels towards your attended direction then you will counter your balance in which you will then fall the opposite direction.

        1. Jeff Darling    

          That is true and it’s a good point. But it only applies at higher speeds – it has something to do with the shape of motorcycle tires. For low speed maneuvering you still need to turn the handlebars.

        2. Donald Seymour Jr    

          True. Then maybe we need to accept it as a design flaw. And with some slight provisions it still can retain it “forts.”

      2. Jonathan    

        Maybe there’s more room there than we think. There aren’t any images from the front, so it’s kinda hard to gauge just how much space there is for the wheel.

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