BMW Rapp Concept

BMW Rapp Concept Car

It’s not often you get a concept car and a history lesson all in one. But the BMW Rapp concept designed by Dejan Hristov manages to provide both.

The roots of this concept are founded in the fact that BMW will officially celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017.  However the man who provided the foundations of the company, German engineer Karl Friedrich Rapp, actually started his business in 1913 – under the name Rapp Motorenwerken GmbH. It quickly expanded, employing 370 workers by 1915. However he wasn’t in the business of making cars, instead Rapp Motorenwerken GmbH made aircraft engines used by the German army during the First World War. In 1917 Rapp stepped down as managing director of the company he founded. Almost immediately it was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, or BMW for short.

Taking this little snippet of history into account. Hristov has – rightly in my opinion – decided that 2013 should also be a celebrated year for BMW. Because without Karl Rapp and his initial company, BMW would never have come into existence. It seems BMW’s current bosses have decided to forget the man who made all their careers possible.

The BMW Rapp concept is therefore a tribute to Karl Rapp and his short but pivotal role in BMW’s history.

The BMW Rapp concept is a two seat roadster with extremely aggressive styling. Influence for the concept is said to come from numerous past and present BMW models. For example the front grille is set at an angle, recalling the ‘shark nose’ BMW’s like the 635 CSi. While the high positioning of the exhausts was inspired by the 1937 BMW 328 Bugelfalte Roadster. The design of the hood is styled to accentuate the engine in a tribute the the large aircraft engines Karl Rapp designed.

This being just one man’s digital creation, the BMW Rapp concept has no chance of making it to production. However it’s a thoughtful homage to one of the automotive world’s forgotten founding fathers.

BMW Rapp Concept Car

Source: Dejan Hristov


  1. I saw this on a Russian Car Design Forum and I have to say I really like it, admittedly it doesn’t look like a practical real world design but it’s OTT angry feeding Shark look is brilliant, very theatrical and it would be fabulous if real cars had this level of personality and flair. I think the fact it is so completely outrageous and extreme is kind of the whole point!

    “more conservative” snore! Really how cool would it be to drive around in something that looks like it actually wants to eat boring family sedans for breakfast?

  2. “Yes, but” is international code for I didn’t listen to anything you said. I said “admittedly it doesn’t look like a practical real world design” if we are forensic about the design servicing this “Concept car” through that type of bonnet may be tricky.

    Having said this we are getting close to a time when bonnets are likely to be sealed by manufacturers anyway, ordinary members of the public won’t be given access to what will be come an increasingly electronic innards. If you open up the modern bonnet all you see is a collection of tupperware boxes which contain all the bits they would prefer only experts could touch.

    We are just a few years from that sticker on our cars you now see on some electronics “no user serviceable parts.” You will have a small flap to top up fluids and that will be all.

    • and it’s the reason of the death of car design: nobody remembers that function comes first, then comes shape….all you can see there is only a research of shape, but where’s the real originality? this car sacrifices function for obtain a nice shape and for what? for getting driver’s life more complicated? modern cars are totally wrong designed, because you have to get an electronic engine’s degree for repair it: it’s the most farthest thing from real design. And at last, everyone can made a good shape or draw, but only few can project something smart. Some of the ugliest car are still the best that you can drive, because they solve problems. In this concept I see only problems unsolved and many others that couldn’t be in a normal car.

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