Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo luxury RV

The Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo is the most expensive RV you can buy. It costs an astonishing $3 million, and is said to be popular amongst filthy rich oil sheiks who take their “glamping” very seriously.

The eleMMent Palazzo – not sure what the double capital ‘M’s stand for – is built by the Austrian firm Marchi Mobile. Inside, the eleMMent Palazzo features all sorts of camping essentials like a marble lined master suite with shower and toilet, 40-inch tv, dining area and bar. To make extra space within the vehicle, one side of the eleMMent Palazzo slides out to nearly double the width of the interior space. On the outside, apart from the amazingly ugly face, the RV features must-have accessories like a barbecue, fireplace and one-button pop-up roof terrace.

The Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo can waft its occupants down the road at 93 mph, presumably on the way to their waiting private jet ready to whisk them off half way around the world to their moored-up superyacht where they’ll conduct a business meeting during which they’ll plan their next imaginative way to crap on everyone else. Oh what would the world be like without fabulously wealthy and extremely privileged people born with a diamond-encrusted silver spoon in their mouth? In a word… Better.

Source: CNN via Carscoop

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  1. Donald Seymour Jr    

    A face only a mother can love.

    1. Matt Brunelli    

      and a name so long only a mother can spell

  2. Mr J    

    Shades of Luigi Colani, if a few decades late.

    Great fun, though a tad bigger than my VW Transporter.

  3. Knives    

    I’d prefer an American Coach Heritage. And it’s cheaper.

  4. Tommy Stephansen    

    I could use one of these, if it only had a stone-oven…

    1. Jeff Darling    

      I’m guessing Marchi Mobile will happily fit one. For a price!

  5. Rick Miller    

    The article states: “The eleMMent Palazzo – not sure what the double capital ‘M’s stand for” and then the following line says ” – is built by the Austrian firm Marchi Mobile.”

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a wild stab and guess that the double ‘M’ stands for Marchi Mobile.
    So it would mean ‘element’ by Marchi Mobile. Thus eleMMent .

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