Top 10 Tracked Vehicles

When it comes to moving over land, there really is only a few limited ways of doing it. There are of course legs – which have been around for millions of years and perfected through evolution. The wheel – which has been around for a few thousand years. And tracks, which in the grand scheme of things are a relatively modern invention. Tracks come in either articulated versions with individual interlocking segments, or continuous rubber tracks. But either way there aren’t many vehicles which use them for propulsion. There are of course snowmobiles – which rely almost entirely on their tracks for propulsion, and a variety of military, construction and off-road vehicles which use them too. But in general you don’t see to many tracked vehicles on a day-to-day basis. Here’s 10 of the more unusual tracked vehicles and concepts I’ve compiled for your viewing pleasure.


2Moto Snow Bike

2Moto Snow bike

This is a fairly simple idea. Take a regular dirt bike, ditch the wheels, replace the rear one with a narrow tracked unit powered by the original engine, and replace the front wheel with a simple skid. 2Moto say it only takes around 2 and a half hours to perform the conversion. That’s 2 and a half hours well spent in my opinion – if you live near snow that is. 2Moto Snow Bike


Platune Sand-X Bike

Sand-X bike

The name of the Platune Sand-X Bike kinda gives away its purpose. It’s designed as an alternative mode of transport for getting you up and over sand dunes. It looks a lot like a snowmobile which has had its front skids replaced by large balloon-like tires. But that’s probably because that’s what it is. There are a few other modifications though, like the large radiator mounted up front to keep the engine cool in the extreme desert temperatures. Platune Sand-X Bike



think frost

This is a fairly awesome concept. It was created by a Norwegian designer called Anders Gloslie during his time at the IED design school in Torino, Italy. It’s basically an electric powered 2-seat sports car with mean-looking ice-inspired styling, and four rubber tracks where the wheels should be. TH!NK FROST


DTV Shredder

DTV Shredder

The DTV Shredder is a rather insane little contraption which was dreamt up by some Canadians. The DTV Shredder is essentially a skateboard powered by a 15 horsepower 4-stroke Honda go-kart engine driving two rubber tracks. The vehicle is controlled via a small handlebar which can either be securely fastened to the front of the vehicle by a sturdy metal arm. Or if you have the reaction time of a world champion motorcycle rider, and the balance of an Olympic gymnast you can ditch the handlebars and control the DTV Shredder with a handheld device attached to the vehicle by only a thin cable. DTV Shredder


i-Scoob Luxury Snowmobile

i-scoob luxury snowmobile

The i-Scoob luxury snowmobile is another vehicle on the list which hasn’t quite made the leap from computer model to reality – although some interest from a US company may change that. The i-Scoob (a play on the words ‘ice cube’) is a two-seat snowmobile with an enclosed cabin and all the luxuries you might expect from a well-equipped SUV. i-Scoob luxury snowmobile




The Subaru WRX STI TRAX was one of the stars of the 2009 SEMA auto show in Las Vegas. The vehicle is essentially a Subaru WRX STI which has been heavily modified for rallying, and then fitted with four individual tracks which allow it to tear through snow and over ice without skipping a beat. Subaru WRX STI TRAX


RTV Double R

RTV Double R

The RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R is a rather alien-looking concept vehicle which was developed by Coventry University Transportation Design graduate Roberto Rodricks. The RTV Double R, as well as looking like a prop from a movie, is a single-seat vehicle which can zip along over a variety of terrain, from snow and ice, to sand and mud. The proposed drivetrain consists of a 650 horsepower 5.5 litre V12! RTV Double R


Mattracks Powerboard

Mattracks Powerboard

The Mattracks Powerboard is basically a powered snowboard. Meaning you can carve your way up the slopes as well as down. The 200 cc engine allows for a top speed of 18 mph, and steering is accomplished just by shifting your weight. Mattracks Powerboard


Dune Tracer

Dune Tracer

The Dune Tracer concept is a single-seat quad-bike like thingy which is designed for use on sand dunes and across beaches. The Dune Tracer was designed primarily as a recreational vehicle. It features a dual-mode drive system and an air-conditioning system to help cool the driver even in the middle of the desert. Dune Tracer



TrakRok Concept

The TrakRok concept is a beasty-looking concept developed by Canadian – again? – designer Alexei Mikhailov. The design of the TrakRok concept blends elements of quad bikes with snowmobiles to create a vehicle which looks capable of crawling through just about anything. And it’s not just the rear track which is powered, the two front wheels are individually powered by their own electric motors. TrakRok Concept

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