Video: Helicopter pilot comes to the rescue… of an RC plane

helicopter pilot rescues rc plane

Here’s one which should make your day a little brighter. What with a depressingly high percentage of people/politicians/bureaucrats out to  screw their fellow man in just about every possible way, usually for little or no reason, it’s always uplifting to see when someone does a nice thing for someone just for the simple fact they can. Not because they’re being paid to. If you happen to do your nice thing while in a helicopter. Well that just makes it 1,000 times better.

The heroes of today’s short flick are a couple of dudes in a little heli. From the way they’re communicating I’m guessing it’s an instructor and his student. Anyway, while cruising along over the countryside the older guy spots a RC plane flying around… Well I won’t spoil it for you.

Be warned, there is some bad language. But given the awesomeness that takes place I think it’s entirely justified!

Source: YouTube via Jalopnik

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