BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor: Built for Cyclists

BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor

The 2013 BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor was specifically designed with cyclists in mind. While most of the concept was more or less identical to the original 2012 concept – except for the orangey-gold paintwork – the interior was modified to carry a couple of bicycles and all their gear and maintenance tools.

The upholstery consists of hard-wearing leather which is designed to withstand the scuffs and scrapes of loading and unloading outdoor equipment. With the rear seats folded down, a specially designed fold-away bike rack can carry two bicycles securely inside the vehicle – with the front wheels removed. Several individual compartments near the trunk opening are designed to hold tools, spares and additional kit.

Powering the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor is a 1.5 litre gasoline engine paired with an electric motor driving the front wheels. The battery pack is located under the floor of the rear compartment. In total the drivetrain produces 190 horsepower, and allows for a 0-62 mph time of less than 8 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph.

BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor



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