Video: U2 Spyplane pilots didn’t eat curry the day before flying

U2 spyplane crew meals

In an interesting 6-minute mini-documentary on NASA’s experimental aircraft, mainly revolving around the Lockheed ER-2 – which is a derivative of the U2 spyplane – Jon Stewart (not the Daily Show one) asked NASA pilots about their pressure suits and the hardships of flying 10-hour missions encased in what is essentially an air-tight boiler suit.

Besides finding out what they eat and drink during a mission, Jon also asked the burning question of what happens when nature calls at 70,000 ft (21,300 metres).

Of course the video isn’t just about the pilot’s bathroom habits. The article also explains just how difficult one of these things is to land, requiring a chase car with another experienced ER-2 pilot in who talks the aircraft down.

It’s easily worth six-minutes of your life.


Source: BBC

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