Kia Niro concept supermini

Kia Niro concept

Remember that B-segment vehicle Kia teased earlier this month? This one. Well they’ve now spilled the beans on the car in more detail. It’s called the Kia Niro, and according to Kia it’s a possible supermini contender which is “ready to take on the urban environment”.

Funnily enough, the Niro concept was designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio – less than a mile away from where the Motor Show will take place. The concept was developed under the direction of Gregory Guillaume, Kia’s chief designer in Europe.

The Niro concept is quite a high-riding vehicle for the segment, and its modicum of ruggedness is emphasized by stainless steel elements and short front and rear overhangs.

Kia Niro concept

Kia say of their little Frankfurt debutant; “Accepting any challenge that the assured modern motorist may throw at it, Niro combines a mischievous character in a clearly robust and substantial yet stylish bodyshape featuring a mix of contrasting materials – including stainless steel elements – in compact, purposeful dimensions. Born out of Kia’s determination to seek new compact-car options for the individualistic and demanding driver for whom size is an issue, Niro features intriguing elements not always associated with smaller cars and has been created in Europe with European tastes and expectations very much in mind.”

Kia will gauge public reaction to the Niro concept to shape future production models.

Source: Kia

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