Lucra Cars developing new sports car codenamed 2.2

Lucra Cars 2.2 sportscar

Lucra Cars, based in California, are currently working on a new car to compliment their LC470 lightweight sports car. The new model, currently in development under the codename “2.2” is based on the LC470, meaning both cars have almost identical dimensions and the same front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. However whereas the LC470 has styling which emulates classic sports cars, the 2.2 prototype has a much more modern and original appearance.

While details on the Lucra Cars 2.2 are scarce – the company has only just teased the new car on their Facebook page – it’s logical that the car will be powered by the same choice of engines currently offered for the LC470. That means buyers will most likely get three options. A 6.3 litre Mercedes-AMG V8 with an optional Supercharger, a GM-sourced LS3 6.3 litre V8, or a LS7 7.0 litre unit. The transmission is either a Mercedes 7-speed paddle shift unit (which is obviously used in conjunction with the AMG engine), or a Tremec 5-speed manual which is offered with the GM-sourced engines.

Hopefully, as the car gets closer to launch, Lucra will provide additional information on the car’s specifications. One thing’s for sure, if it’s anything like the LC470 it’ll be disturbingly quick.

Source: Lucra Cars


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