Ghe-O Motors RESCUE off-road vehicle

Ghe-O Motors Rescue Vehicle

Ghe-O Motors, a small but innovative Romanian off-road vehicle manufacturer, have just unveiled their latest mud-conquering vehicle. Called the Ghe-O Motors RESCUE, the name is a bit of a giveaway. Prior to developing the Ghe-O RESCUE, the company have built numerous off-road competition machines, and they currently offer three different motorsport-ready off-roaders, including the 500 horsepower Warrior complete with 44-inch wheels and custom designed frame.

The Ghe-O RESCUE has been concieved as an all-terrain search and rescue vehicle, able to cope with flooded rivers, huge snow drifts and steep inclines. It can be fitted with several different accessories to expand its abilities, including a rescue sled/raft which it can use to tow people over snow or across water, a snow plough, and inflatable wheel fittings to prevent it from sinking into soft snow. In addition, the rear wheels can be exchanged for a set of tracks, and a 620 litre water tank and set of pumps can be added for firefighting duties.

The Ghe-O RESCUE weighs in at 3,200 kgs (7,054 lbs) and the drivetrain options include 340 or 500 horsepower gasoline units, or 214hp and 304 hp diesel engines. The heavy duty transmission has lockable axles, and a military version can even be ordered with electromagnetic protection for the engine!

The Ghe-O RESCUE has space for up to 11 passengers, and measures 5.2 meters (204.7 inches) long, 2.7 meters (106.3 inches) wide and 2.39 meters (94.1 inches) tall.


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