4-door Ford Mustang sedan rendered

4-door Ford Mustang sedan

Theophilus Chin is a guy who loves nothing better than screwing around with Photoshop and creating speculative vehicles based on production cars. His latest effort sees the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang reimagined as a sedan. Purists may scream in horror at the thought of a four-door Mustang. But you can’t deny he’s done a good job!

The four-door Mustang is identical to the coupe, aside from the rear doors of course. Chin has found room for the new doors by slightly stretching the roof and wheelbase, while also somehow managing to maintain a gracefull overall shape. Blur your eyes a little, and in profile it has a kind of BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe feel about it.

4-door Ford Mustang sedan

Source: Theophilus Chin

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