Lexus Kunai Concept – Clever, Complicated

Lexus Kunai Concept

The Lexus Kunai concept is a futuristic family sports sedan created by the talented French graphic designer Sebastien Cabanel. The concept gets its name from a multipurpose Japanese hand tool/weapon commonly used by ninjas. Not now obviously… That would be silly.

But like its namesake, the Lexus Kunai concept is intended to be versatile. It’s designed to be both sporty, safe, and have easily enough room for four people.The exterior of the Lexus Kunai concept features a striking single-piece windscreen/roof/rear window panel which is actually shaped similarly to the dagger-like Kunai tool.

The Lexus Kunai concept is constructed using a clever combination of carbon fiber and hemp. Which isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Hemp composites are already being studied for their low weight, high strength properties. And what what a great way to build a car. Use natural materials but adapt them for 21st century needs.

The drivetrain of the Lexus Kunai concept consists of an electric motor mounted up front, and four what what-can-only-be-described-as extremely complicated omnidirectional wheels which are powered by no less than eleven independently controlled in-wheel electric motors.

Overall the Lexus Kunai is a highly advanced concept which puts forward some intriguing possibilities. Some of the ideas it proposes, like the unusual composite construction, could be just around the corner. Others, like the intricate 11-motor omnidirectional wheels are probably a bit further away.

Source: Sebastien Cabanel

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