Lancia Gamma Coupe concept

Lancia have always liked to be a bit different. Sometimes it’s worked their favor, take the Lancia Stratos, Lancia Spyder and Lancia Delta Integrale for example. Other times it hasn’t worked out so great. Cue the Trevi, Dedra, Kappa, Lybra and pretty much most of their current lineup.

Lancia’s been dancing with death (again) for a while now, and in 2014, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, announced that Lancia would stop exporting cars, and they would only be sold in Italy. It’s a sad time for a company which has been building cars for over 100 years, and has a cabinet full of World Rally Championship trophies. But they’ve fallen a long way since their heyday, and instead of producing desirable luxury autos, as well as the occasional homologation special, they now make quirky looking rebadged chryslers.

Lancia Gamma Coupe concept car

Italian designer Aurelio Argentieri thinks Lancia should look to their past for salvation. His retro-inspired Lancia Gamma Coupe concept draws inspiration from the Pininfarina styled Lancia Gamma Coupe model the company produced from 1976 to 1984. Both cars share the same boxy shape, although the concept has a much busier front end in comparison to the original.

In addition to reviving the Lancia Gamma Coupe’s name, Argentieri also wanted to inject some elegance into his design by giving it a long, sleek, low-slung stance, befitting of a grand touring coupe.

Sadly, it’s not something Lancia’s overlords at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) are considering, even in their wildest fantasies. Instead they seem content to slowly let one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers slowly rot away to nothing.


  1. Yes Lancia has made several original designs, by “original” I mean that it was not for everyone’s taste, but always with something refined that you didn’t find anywhere else, and certainly not in desperately serious (I mean boring) german cars. The original Gamma Coupe was gorgeous, you had to see it in the flesh to be aware of that, not on pictures. Think of the Aurelia B24 Spider, fantastic car still selling at a very high price nowadays. Or the cute Beta Monte Carlo, or the Fulvia… Add the fantastic 037 stradale derived from the rally car. If I was rich, I would own all of them, as well as many Alfas.

  2. Lancia, till now the best brand ever.
    FIAT do something with this brand.
    All companies need more and more investment in their brand.
    If you have Lancia, you need: relaiabilty and new, real Lancia, models

  3. Lancia Gamma CoupĂ© was a Design Icon back in the early eighties and the brand hasn’t launched anything as elegant ever since. Aurelio’s concept car is really appealing and a legitimate successor. A real eye catcher.

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