Rolls Royce Phantasm concept

First of all, I think everyone can agree this looks nothing like any Rolls Royce ever built, or that ever will be built. Second of all I think the majority of people will find that a little depressing.

The Rolls Royce Phantasm is a creation of Italian designer, and graduate of the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in Turin, Aldo Schurmann. The Phantasm is a futuristic-looking grand touring coupe. Its proportions give it a very Jaguar-ish feel, while the rear view screams Aston Martin. Not that they don’t make great looking cars, but they are most definitely not Rolls Royces.

Rolls Royce Phantasm Concept

In fact about the only nod to Rolls Royce design DNA is the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine up front. And it looks totally out of place on such a sleek machine.

Some of the design flourishes that do look great are the tan leather straps running out of the hood and covering the leading edge of the doors, and the recessed sinister-looking headlights poking out of the bodywork like they’re hiding within a suit of armor.

It’s a great looking concept, It’s just a shame it looks nothing like a Rolls Royce.

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