Infiniti SYNAPTIQ modular racing vehicle

The 2014 LA Auto Show Design Challenge competition tasked automotive design centers around the globe to develop high-tech futuristic vehicles which would explore how humans and vehicles might interact in the year 2029. Infiniti came up with the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ concept.

The Infiniti SYNAPTIQ is a modular racing vehicle which is designed to compete on the track, off-road and in the air. The cockpit section of the vehicle remains the same, but the rest of the vehicle is swapped out for different racing environments.

The SYNAPTIC concept is designed to compete in a fictional future racing series called the A.R.C. Race, which sees competitors racing on a road course from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, they then convert the vehicle to an off-roader and speed off to the Grand Canyon. From there the vehicle is rebuilt yet again, this time as a high-performance aerobatic aircraft for the final leg of the race back to Los Angeles.

Infiniti SYNAPTIQ concept racecar

The driver/pilot of the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ controls the vehicle by way of the SYNAPTIQ S.U.I.T. (Symbiotic User Interface Technology), which is connected directly to the vehicle to make man and machine function as a single unit. The S.U.I.T. is woven with synthetic muscles that both enhance the driving experience and give tactile feedback to the driver. Inside the fuselage, liquid crystal canopies are enhanced with an augmented reality system and 3D displays that actively display relevant information for the pilot.

John Sahs, interior design manager at Infiniti, and leader of the SYNAPTIQ project said of the concept; “As designers, we are always looking toward what’s next, but SYNAPTIQ allows us to conceptualize what’s even further out for drivers in the future. Yet, through the A.R.C. Race concept, we were also able to imagine a way to effectively demonstrate how these technologies could be used, whether the vehicle is on or off-road, or even in the air.”


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