KTM X2 HYBRID – ATV / Snowmobile

If you live in an area which experiences bitter winters and plenty of snowfall, a snowmobile is not only a recreational toy, it’s also a practical means of getting from A to B during the colder seasons. But for the rest of the year, it’s just a lump of next-to-useless machinery. Besides, ATVs are much better in the summer months.

The KTM X2 HYBRID concept is an ingenious design with manages to offer the off-road capabilities of an ATV, with the on-snow abilities of a snowmobile. It does this through a modular construction technique where the front wheels can be replaced with skis, and the rear wheels swapped out for a rubber track. When summer rolls back round again, you simply pop the wheels back on.

KTM X2 Hybrid ATV / Snowmobile

The majority of the KTM X2 HYBRID, frame, bodywork, engine remain unaltered throughout the transition. Meaning that swapping back and forth between the two should be a relatively painless task.

It looks good too. The snowmobile version is maybe a bit lacking in the way of cold weather protection for both the rider and engine. But a couple of clip on plastic panels and a windscreen would soon sort that out.

Considering the hefty price of a decent snowmobile or an ATV, a vehicle which could fulfill both roles for price just north of the price of one would surely be pretty enticing. Especially for buyers with a limited amount of storage space.

While the KTM X2 HYBRID snowmobile / ATV is just a concept for now – it was developed by the Finnish designer Anssi Mustonen – if there was one vehicle manufacturer which might just consider building such an innovative vehicle it would be KTM.

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