Diseno-art.com was founded in 2005, and since then we have published over 10,000 pages. We’ve been featured on the BBC’s flagship technology show ‘Click, and regularly been included on large sites like Wired, Jalopnik, Autoblog and Edmunds.

Covering a wide variety of interesting an unusual vehicles, from concept cars and superbikes, to powerboats and miniature submarines, diseno-art also features information on the latest transport technologies and news.

We do our best to cover everything, especially the more unusual modes of transport on offer throughout the world, and being an enthusiast’s website, we are open to any suggestions on how it can be improved and expanded.

Please e-mail any suggestions or comments you have to: inquiries@diseno-art.com



Jeff Darling, Founder / Editor

Fascinated by all types of unusual transport from an early age, Jeff Darling has driven and ridden a varied and eclectic range of vehicles from both sides of the Atlantic. Some good, most bad. He has restored several classic American and European cars – before realizing he needed a bit more practice.

Currently he writes, edits and maintains the diseno-art website full time, and also dabbles in a range of computer aided design and photoshop projects.


Aurel Niculescu , Writer

Private pilot, freelance automotive journalist, father to a baby boy. Does this guy ever sleep?

Aurel’s work features regularly on diseno-art, where he covers everything from the latest goings-on in the automotive industry, to posing intriguing questions about everything vehicular – and then trying to answer them.


Colin Fowler, Road Tester

Colin Fowler is a genuine car enthusiast, one who prides function over form. When asked that most common of questions: “Would you rather have a Lada which handled and went like a Ferrari, or a Ferrari which handles and goes like a Lada?” He picks the Lada every time. Style means nothing to this man – It’s all about the driving experience.

In-between frequent, almost religious, praise of the Lancia Delta Integrale he spends his time abusing his Westfield, maintaining his mint-condition Toyota MR2 Mk1, watching classic and in-car rally videos, and driving numerous borrowed, bought and blagged hot hatches and sports cars.

On a more tranquil level Mr. Fowler holds a UK National B Rally Licence and is currently entertaining hopes of entering the 205 Challenge rally series.


Liza Carruthers, Contributor

Liza’s favorite mode of transport doesn’t doesn’t actually have wheels, nor does it require expensive fossil fuels – just lots of grass and horse feed. Yes its a horse.

However on top of that she’s also great at looking past the facade of shiny newness which blinds many a car buyer, and instead focuses on solid substance and everyday practicality.


Tom Armstrong, Contributor

With a BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree under his belt, a Ph.D. in automotive engineering nearly complete, and an encyclopedic and pedantic knowledge of all things metallic and gear-like, Tom is the perfect guy to comment on some of the more complex technologies which are found throughout the modern car.

He’s also reasonably competent with a welder, and has competed in the Formula Student race team for Manchester Metropolitan University.

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