Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo

The Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo concept is a fictional car developed for Polyphony Digital’s flagship driving simulator Gran Turismo 6.

The Lexus LF-LC GT concept is, unsurprisingly, based on the LF-LC supercar, which the company unveiled to the world at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The LF-LC was developed by a team at Lexus’ CALTY DESIGN studio in California, and includes many striking design features, such as the shape of the tail lamps which were inspired by afterburners of a jet aircraft.
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Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Concept

The Alpine Gran Turismo concept is a drop-dead gorgeous race car concept developed by a team of engineers and designers working Renault’s reborn sporting division, Alpine.

The Alpine Gran Turismo concept currently only lives in the simulated racing environment that is Gran Turismo 6. The concept will be made available as part of a free update to the game due out in March 2015.
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NFZ W48 Supercar Concept

The NFZ W48 is a wild concept supercar with almost a steam punk like vibe. Created by a Russian designer who goes by the cryptic name of ixlrlxi, the NFZ W48 is equally mysterious.

The car looks like a weaponized Marussia supercar, or something Captain Nemo might take to a track day. The heavily protected cockpit looks only wide enough to hold a single occupant, and the views to the front, side and rear would be extremely limited due to the extremely thick pillars. The central pillar down the middle of the windscreen might look cool, but it’s hardly practical.
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Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Hyundai’s show stopper at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show was this little number. An extremely sporty looking pickup truck, which looks extremely appealing. The Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept is aimed at a younger generation of buyers – those born in the early ’80s or later.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept is designed to act as a multi-purpose vehicle, just as good at the daily commute as it is at  hauling cargo or friends and luggage. Hyundai call their prospective buyers for the concept “Urban Adventurers”, and they see them as active people who have a busy work life and an even busier social life.

Stylewise, Hyundai’s designers have knocked this one out of the park. Even people who aren’t normally drawn to pickups can’t argue that the Santa Cruz Crossover Truck isn’t a looker. The front view features an upright, hexagonal grille with cascading lines framing the sides, dual lens-free, honeycombed headlamp projectors, and prominent LED fog lamps. The side profile is highlighted by oversized wheels, Michelin tires with a special tread design, center-locking hubs and yellow Brembo brake calipers.
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Chevrolet Bolt EV previews an affordable all-electric vehicle

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet pulled the covers off a concept vehicle designed to preview a future production all-electric affordable electric car. Called the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the five-door hatchback has similar proportions to the BMW i3 with short front and rear overhangs. To improve efficiency, and also counteract the added weight penalty of the heavy batteries, the Bolt EV is constructed using lightweight materials such as aluminium, magnesium and carbon fiber.

GM’s CEO Mary Barra stated that the production Chevrolet Bolt EV will have a range of more than 200 miles on a single charge, and a starting price of around $30,000, although she didn’t mention if the latter is with or without state and federal tax incentives.
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Buick Avenir Concept explores the brand’s future

GM is still trying to figure out exactly what Buick is nowadays, and what they should be building. They want to take them back upmarket, but then again they can’t really tread on Cadillac’s toes. But on the other hand they’ve got a lucrative niche selling rebranded Opel models in China under the Buick name. They’re even bringing the Opels to North America. But clearly GM have got bigger and better things planned for Buick, at least for now.

The Buick Avenir concept is a flagship sedan model designed to reinvigorate the brand, as well as explore the future design direction of the company. The Avenir is the creation of a global team of Buick designers and sculptors who were inspired by historic Buick vehicles. Its name means “Future” in French.
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Autonomous driving Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury In Motion Concept

Mercedes-Benz chose the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to unveil the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept. The car is a vision of the future of autonomous driving from Mercedes-Benz.

At over 5 metres long and 2 metres wide the concept is roughly the size of a long-wheelbase S-Class, but with a practical one-box design and wheelbase of 3.6 meters, the car has been designed to maximise interior space.

The futuristically styled four-door F 015 concept showcases a number of new technologies being evaluated by Mercedes for inclusion on future production models. Featured technology includes a sophisticated autonomous driving system and something called the “digital activity space” that Mercedes-Benz predicts will allow occupants the freedom to use their time on the road more productively than is the case today, especially in urban driving environments.
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Infiniti Q60 Concept

The Q60 Concept which Infiniti unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)  is a vision of what they think a premium sports coupe should be. It’s a sleek two-door design aimed at the fashionable premium coupe market, and while this is just the concept version, a production version is expected to arrive in late 2016 or early 2017. When it does it will go head-to-head with the BMW 4 Series and Audi A5. It’ll also be a replacement for the current Q60 Coupe.

The low-slung, dramatic lines of the Q60 concept are a direct reference to the Q80 Inspiration concept – which was first seen at the Paris motor show last October. Infiniti says elements such as the vents behind the front wheel arches have been taken from the Q50 Eau Rouge. Those bulging arches are filled by 21-inch wheels supposedly inspired by jet turbine blades.
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Jaguar XJR-19 Le Mans Racer Concept

Back in 1988 and 1990, Jaguar took the chequered flag at Le Mans with the XJR-9 and XJR-12 group C race cars. To commemorate the historic victories, and 30 years since Jaguar’s last Le Mans 24hr win, transport designer Mark Hostler has developed a futuristic racer for the year 2020.

The design of the Jaguar XJR-19 LMP1 concept was heavily influenced by the XJR-9 and XJR-12, focusing on cutting a smooth, fluid shape into a primarily rectangular form.This has resulted in a central pod consisting of the passenger cell and drivetrain, suspended between a skeleton of sharp, flat surfaces that echo the slab sided group C racers of the 1980s and ’90s.
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New Renault 5 Concept

The original Renault 5 was a compact hatchback which was very popular in Europe during the ’70s through to the ’90s. Two generations of the car were built, with the most desirable model being the mid-engined Renault R5 Turbo – which was basically a rally car made street legal. But ever since the Renault 5 went out of production in the mid-nineties, there hasn’t been a Renault hatchback which has achieved the same cult status.

But with a multitude of manufacturers now reviving iconic models from their past, it might be time for Renault to bring back the 5. Slovenian designer Matic Vihtelic, certainly thinks so. He’s designed a rather dainty looking Renault 5 concept which is designed to appeal to a younger generation of car buyers.
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