2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia rendering

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan

It’s no secret that Alfa Romeo are working on a new Giulia. It’s only taken them 36 years, but better late than never. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia is said to be directly aimed at the likes of the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and the upcoming Jaguar XE.

The new Giulia is also said to confirm the return of the sporty, fun-to-drive, RWD Alfa Romeos with properly sorted chassis, and substance as well as style. Alfa Romeo are keen to be seen as a serious contender to some of the long-respected German car companies in terms of quality and engineering.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia also has to look good. And if there’s one thing Alfa Romeo does very well, it’s design attractive cars. And by the looks of it so does German designer Thorsten Krisch. He’s the guy responsible for the very stylish speculative renderings of a Quattrifoglio Verde-badged Alfa Romeo Giulia you see here.
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All-new 2015 Volvo XC90

2015 Volvo XC90

Volvo is currently undergoing a massive overhaul. With recent concept’s like the Volvo Concept Coupe, Concept XC Coupe and the Concept Estate they’ve already proved that they are more than capable of making extremely handsome cars when they want to. However at the same time they also haven’t lost sight of what made them different from other manufacturers in the first place, their mission of putting safety above all other considerations. The all-new 2015 Volvo XC90 is the first of a new-generation Volvos which has the best of both worlds.

The 2015 Volvo XC90 is completely new from top to bottom and front to back. It arrives after months of speculation, and is the result of three years of development, and part of a massive $11 billion investment in Volvo’s future. Based on the company’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) technology, the new XC90 shows the future of Volvo cars.

In terms of appearance, fans of the three recent Volvo concepts might be a little disappointed with the exterior design. It’s nice and sensible, but really pretty boring. The designers really could have done a bit more to inject some pizzazz into the bodywork, especially those giant slab-like sides. On the other hand it does have quite a nice face, and the headlights are particularly appealing with their “Thor’s Hammer” driving lights.
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Sector 111 Project Dragon V8-powered track car

Sector 111 Project Dragon

The Sector 111 Project Dragon track car was first announced back in December of 2013. But at the time it was just a body-less functioning prototype. Well now it has a body, and a scheduled production date.

Based on the Palatov Motorsport D2 chassis, the Sector 111 Project Dragon is powered by a GM-sourced LS3 V8, tuned to produce 430 horsepower and 424 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is lifted from a Porsche 911, and to keep it old-school, there are no electronic driver aids, including traction control, stability control, or even ABS.

The target weight for the car is 1,800 lbs (816 kgs). That’s not superlight as far as stripped-down track cars go, but it’s lighter than the D2 on which it is based. And considering the size and output of the engine, the power-to-weight ratio should be excellent.
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Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – 707 hp and a 204 mph top speed

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Dodge and SRT designers and engineers have gone all-out and created a four-door sedan with supercar humbling straight-line performance. The 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is the fastest and most powerful production sedan in the world.  It’s powered by a  massive 6.2 litre supercharged Hemi Hellcat V8 engine churning out an enormous 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of tarmac rippling torque. Connected to a heavy-duty 8-speed automatic transmission, the engine is capable of catapulting the car from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds, it posts a quarter-mile time of 11-seconds dead, and it has a jaw-dropping 204 mph top speed.

The drivetrain used in the Charger SRT Hellcat is identical to that found in its two-door stablemate, the Challenger Hellcat, yet interestingly the Charger has a 5 mph higher top end, but a 0.2 second slower 0-60 mph time.
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Range Rover Sport SVR – the fastest, most powerful Land Rover ever

Range Rover Sport SVR

Land Rover have just unveiled the Range Rover Sport SVR, the fastest, most powerful Land Rover ever produced. It is also the first model to wear the SVR badge, which is being brought in for future high-performance models from both Land Rover and Jaguar.

Based on the new Range Rover Sport platform, the SVR model has a revised chassis, upgraded engine, new wheel and tire combinations, and more aerodynamic bodywork. It all adds up to produce a luxury SUV which can hit 60 mph from a standing start in just 4.5 seconds, continue on to an electronically limited 162 mph top speed, and which is the fastest ever production SUV around the Nurburgring circuit with a time of 8 minutes and 14 seconds.

Powering the Range Rover Sport SVR is a reworked version of the 5.0 litre V8 used in the standard Range Rover Sport. This engine now produces 550 horsepower and 501 lb ft (680 Nm) of torque, and amazingly fuel economy remains the same. The engine is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive.
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Ginetta-Juno LMP3 – all-new car for an all-new series

Ginetta-Juno LMP3

The all-new LMP3 class has only just been introduced less than a month ago, but already Ginetta have unveiled their vehicle for the new endurance racing category. The British sports car firm Ginetta recently bought Juno, a specialist racing car builder setup by ex-Williams F1 design engineer Ewan Baldry. The Ginetta-Juno LMP3 race car, which has resulted from the merging of the two companies, is targeted at younger racers and gentleman drivers who want to compete in the LMP3 class in the European and Asian Le Mans Series starting next year.

The Ginetta-Juno LMP3 is powered by a mid-mounted V8 engine producing around 420 horsepower. It complies with all the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) regulations regarding the LMP3 class, which includes strict limits on costs of both the car and its spare parts. The rules allow freedom in terms of design, aerodynamics and chassis development, so Ginetta-Juno are concentrating on making the car as capable as possible, while also being relatively affordable, reliable and easy to work on.
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Bugatti Veyron successor ‘too fast’?

Bugatti Veyron Mk2

The Bugatti Veyron is nearing the end of its production run – with just 15 cars left out of the 450 or so which were scheduled to be built. It’s no surprise then that questions are being asked as to how can Bugatti top what is one of the greatest feats of automotive engineering ever built.

In a special report by Autocar, the magazine has surmised what the Bugatti Veyron successor might look like, and what sort of performance it might offer. Not much has been said publicly by Bugatti about a new Veyron yet. But ‘insiders’ at the company have apparently been talking to Autocar and told them that the new model, due to arrive in 2016, will have a top speed of around 286 mph, and a 0-62 mph time of 2.3 seconds. Five test mules have been built so far.
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2015 Mazda MX-5 “will look nothing like” current car

2015 Mazda MX-5 rendering

Australian automotive news site, themotorreport.com.au, is reporting that in an interview with Mazda Australia’s boss, Martin Benders, he revealed that the new MX-5 “will look nothing like” the current car.

When pressed on more specific details of the 2015 MX-5 – which is due to debut in September – Benders said the new car would feature an evolved version of the ‘Kodo’ styling language used on the current 2, 3, 6 and CX-5 models. However he was understandably careful not to reveal too much information regarding the new design.
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Aston Martin confirms Lagonda super saloon

Aston Martin Lagonda sedan

Aston Martin has today confirmed what most automotive industry analysts and news outlets already knew, that the Lagonda name is coming back, and that it’ll be mounted on the back of an all-new ultra luxurious super saloon.

The Aston Martin Lagonda saloon will be based on the company’s versatile VH architecture which underpins their current lineup of vehicles – excluding the One-77. The car will be produced in a limited series, and rather frustratingly, it will be exclusively offered in only the Middle East market – or more specifically the United Arab Emirates. Whether Aston Martin decide the other markets are worthy of receiving the car in the future is yet to be decided.

The car will be offered for sale by invitation only, ensuring that only the wealthiest and discerning of plutocrats car collectors can take ownership of the new Lagonda.
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All-new 2015 Smart ForTwo

2015 smart fortwo

Amazingly, the Smart ForTwo has been around since 1998. And whether you love it, hate it, or are indifferent to its existence, nobody can deny that it hasn’t been a success and found its own unique niche in this world.

The car revealed this week is the third generation of the ForTwo, at the same time Smart also revealed the second generation of the slightly larger but far less iconic ForFour.

The styling of the new Smarts are based closely on a number of concept cars from the past few years, starting with the Smart ForVision concept from 2011, the ForStars from 2012 and most recently the FourJoy concept which was unveiled last year.
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