Video: Driver in London reverses off Tow Truck

driver drives off tow truck in London

A driver in London resented the fact the fact his car was about to be towed away for a parking violation, so took matters into his own hands in a manner even the Duke boys would have been proud of.

After climbing onto the back of the tow truck the driver enters his aged Vauxhall Astra, pulls forward a fraction for a better run-up, throws it into reverse, and flies off the back of the truck.
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What would BMWs look like without the ‘kidney grille’?

BMW models without kidney grilles

BMW’s trademark ‘kidney grille’ has been around since 1933 when it was introduced on the BMW 303, which was coincidentally also the first BMW automobile to use a straight-six engine. Since then it has become a hallmark of the company, featuring on almost every single model since, ranging from their SUVs to their sports cars and everything inbetween.

But what if BMW decided to ditch the kidneys in favor of a single frame grille? For starters it would certainly get BMW fanboys all of a flutter. The recent update to the numerical naming system was enough of a shock for some. But would they look better or worse for the change?
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Etihad Airways unveil “The Residence”, the ultimate in luxury air travel

Etihad The Residence suite inside A380

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has just unveiled a super luxurious service which it will offer on its Airbus A380 aircraft. First class is always a nice way to travel, or at least so I’m told. But now even first class passengers will be jealous of Etihad’s latest offering.

Called “The Residence” it’s basically a three room suite. Complete with bedroom, shower room and small living room. Accommodating single or double occupancy, Etihad’s Residence suite is located on the upper deck of the double-decker A380. Each aircraft will only have one Residence suite.

The interior of the rooms has been created with the help of leading interior designers and hospitality experts. The sort of people who are clued up on what the super rich –  and more than likely super picky – expect to see.
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“Cowasaki” motorcycle made entirely from animal bones

Cowasaki bone motorcycle

Reese Moore, who unsurprisingly lives in Florida, spends his free time crafting motorcycles – like this “Cowasaki” – entirely from animal bones.  He finds many of his macabre building blocks from animals he finds dead by the roadside. But unlike normal people who just drive on, he scoops them up and takes them to his workshop. Some of the other bones are gathered with the help of local hunters and farmers.

The bones used in his creations include cow skulls, alligator skulls, various goat, wolf, racoon, and pig bones, and cow vertebrae. After collecting together the necessary pieces, Moore sands them down to get a clean, uniform color and appearance before assembling his creations.
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“Unconventional Heroes” Movie Car Mashups

unconventional heroes - strange movie cars

Gerald Bear, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Milan, Italy, has come up with an amusing alternate reality in which some of the most famous TV and movie cars are reimagined as budget models. For the first round of what Bear calls “Unconventional Heroes” he has come up with 13 redesigned vehicles.

Forget Dodge Chargers, DeLoreans and chromed out big-rigs. This is a world where heroes ride around in Renault 4s, Fiat Cinquecentos and Piaggio Apes.
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Auto Express design the perfect car… End up with a “Homer”

Auto Express perfect car

Auto Express, the weekly British car magazine famous for its spy shots, speculative renders, news and reviews, have sat down and come up with what they call “the perfect car”. I don’t think it was an overly serious attempt at creating a real game-changing vehicle. They admit as much themselves by saying that after choosing the best bits from their favorite cars, they’ve ended up with a Frankencar. Or as Simpsons fans will recognise, a “Homer”.

The result is something that looks like a crudely stretched Audi TT with Porsche headlights and funky doors. For the full list of vehicles which influenced the design of the Auto Express perfect car see below.
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Proposal for a new Car Horn Symbol

new car horn symbol

If take a look at your steering wheel next time you get in your car, you’ll more than likely see a little trumpet or bugle shaped symbol telling you that’s where the horn button is. Back when the car was first invented the horn really was a little trumpet with a squeeze ball on the end. It was used to warn pedestrians and other road users that there was something coming.

Nowadays, modern cars don’t have little bugles, they have electrically operated horns usually located somewhere under the hood and towards the front. They are more or less circular in shape and they are considerably louder than the old bugle horn was.

Additionally, the horn is now used not only as a warning to other road users, it is also used as a means of communication. Usually a negative comment on another driver’s actions. Although there is the well recognised two-pip horn blast reserved for recognising friends. This alternate use of the horn as a means of communication is not acknowledged with the current bugle symbol.
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Honda Mean Mower – The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower

Honda Mean Mower the World's Fastest Lawn Mower

Honda have just taken the Guinness World Record for the World’s Fastest Lawn Mower. The Honda Mean Mower set the record last month when they managed to average 116.57 mph, nearly 30 mph faster than the previous record. Don’t feel bad for the previous record holder though. The driver, Piers Ward of BBC TopGear Magazine, was the same guy.

The Honda Mean Mower isn’t just your regular off-the-shelf mower. That would be insane. It’s based on a Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor, but just about everything has been re-engineered – including the all-new chassis. The drivetrain of the World’s Fastest Lawn Mower features a 1,000cc engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm mated to a custom engineered six-speed transmission. The wheels come from an ATV and are fitted with super-soft tires. Other highlights include a high-performance Scorpion exhaust, a custom-made Cobra racing seat and a steering rack from a Morris Minor.
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Tug boat sparks plane crash false alarm

Canary Islands plane crash false alarm

A tug boat towing an unusual shaped cargo (which turned out to be a crane) has sparked a false alarm of a ditched aircraft off the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria.

Local media reported that the aircraft had been forced to ditch in the Atlantic ocean and rescue services had been dispatched. However the Spanish authorities were quick to announce it was a false alarm.
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