Infiniti SYNAPTIQ modular racing vehicle

This year, the ever-unusual LA Auto Show Design Challenge competition tasked automotive design centers around the globe to develop high-tech futuristic vehicles which would explore how humans and vehicles might interact in the year 2029. Infiniti, participating in the competition for the first time, came up with the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ concept.

The Infiniti SYNAPTIQ is a modular racing vehicle which is designed to compete on the track, off-road and in the air. The cockpit section of the vehicle remains the same, but the rest of the vehicle is swapped out for different racing environments.

The SYNAPTIC concept is designed to compete in a fictional future racing series called the A.R.C. Race, which sees competitors racing on a road course from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, they then convert the vehicle to an off-roader and speed off to the Grand Canyon. From there the vehicle is rebuilt yet again, this time as a high-performance aerobatic aircraft for the final leg of the race back to Los Angeles.
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Strange Aircraft: American Helicopter XH-26 Jet Jeep

The American Helicopter XH-26 Jet Jeep was an extremely compact single-occupant helicopter developed by the American Helicopter division of the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp. It was designed to fulfill a U.S. Air Force brief which called for a collapsible, air-droppable, easily assembled helicopter which could be used for observation, liaison and reconnaissance missions.

The aircraft was requested by the military in 1951, and by 1952 the first test flights had been successfully accomplished.

The XH-26 Jet Jeep was constructed primarily from aluminium, although the tail section was formed from fiberglass. The interior was extremely basic and small, with just enough room for the single pilot. The bubble-shaped side windows provided a little extra elbow room, and could also be removed if required. There was no ballistic protection for the pilot, and no armaments were provided either.
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S’PereBike Recaro-seated safety motorcycle

All dedicated motorcyclists have one thing in common. Sooner or later they’ll crash. Sometimes the rider gets lucky and walks away. Other times they aren’t so lucky. The main reason for injuries and deaths is the inherent lack of safety equipment on a motorcycle. Many modern bikes have ABS brakes, and some even have airbags. But most of the time it’s just luck, or the lack of it, which dictates whether a motorcycle crash ends up being a story which can be told to friends down at the bar for years to come, or whether it’s a life-changing, or ending, event.

In an effort to try and cut down on motorcyclist injuries and fatalities, Hungarian designer and metal worker Laszlo Pere has launched a crowd-funded project on IndieGoGo to try and build a prototype of a safety motorcycle called the S’PereBike.
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Motoped Black Ops Edition

Motoped are a small company based in Kansas City, Missouri. They specialize in building super lightweight mopeds which look awesome. They make four different models, including the Cruzer, Pro, Survival and the sinister Black Ops Edition. The other three are all superbly styled, managing to make the lowly moped into a thing of desire. But the Motoped Black Ops Edition really is something else.

Conceived most likely as a marketing stunt (they are primarily advertising it as a zombie fighting machine), the Black Ops Edition is nevertheless for sale on Motoped’s website – although you have to ask for a price first.
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KTM X2 HYBRID – ATV / Snowmobile

If you live in an area which experiences bitter winters and plenty of snowfall, a snowmobile is not only a recreational toy, it’s also a practical means of getting from A to B during the colder seasons. But for the rest of the year, it’s just a lump of next-to-useless machinery. Besides, ATVs are much better in the summer months.

The KTM X2 HYBRID concept is an ingenious design with manages to offer the off-road capabilities of an ATV, with the on-snow abilities of a snowmobile. It does this through a modular construction technique where the front wheels can be replaced with skis, and the rear wheels swapped out for a rubber track. When summer rolls back round again, you simply pop the wheels back on.
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World’s fastest rocket-powered bicycle – 207 mph in 4.8 seconds

Frenchman Francois Gissy has broken smashed his own record for the world’s fastest rocket-powered bicycle. Last week, at the Paul Ricard Circuit in the South of France, he achieved an incredible 207 mph – 30 mph better than his previous best.

Three hydrogen peroxide fueled rocket motors provide 4.5 kN of thrust, which is roughly equivalent to 560 horsepower! To put the speed of this thing into perspective, the top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h) was achieved in just 4.8 seconds, and Gissy was subjected to nearly 2 Gs. Which is nothing for a fighter pilot. But this guy is technically a cyclist.
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T28 Super Heavy Tank of the Second World War

Back in 1945, the US military, as well as the rest of the allied forces, were looking to deal the killer blow to the Nazi war machine. Things were already going pretty well for the allies by this point, with them scoring a series of rapid victories over German forces. It was during this time that US Army engineers were looking at blueprints for a massive tank. Or a the T28 Super Heavy Tank as it became known.

The T28 Super Heavy Tank wasn’t actually technically a tank at all, as it didn’t have a swivelling turret. It was in fact a gun motor carriage, and its other working title was the T95 self-propelled gun. But either way, the T28 Super Heavy Tank name was the one that stuck, and became its official designation.

The idea behind the T28 was to create a huge, virtually impenetrable tank which could be used to smash a hole though the heavily fortified Seigfried Line defending Germany’s western border. It was also considered for use in the never-realised invasion of the Japanese mainland.
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London Motor Museum ‘Scream’ Car

It seems the London Motor Museum – the only custom car museum in Europe – got all caught up in the Halloween fever of 2014, and therefore decided it was worth building a car especially for the holiday.

The ‘Scream’ car as it is called, began life as a humble FX4 London taxi. It was first modified in 2003 by the London Supercar Workshop, who took off the taxi body, fitted it to a Chevrolet Blazer chassis and added a 5.7-litre Chevrolet V8 engine along with mud grappler monster tyres. Ten years later the vehicle has been given a makeover to celebrate not only Halloween, but also the museum’s anniversary.
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Australian man drives airplane to the bar for a drink

An Australian man drove an airplane to the bar for a drink… It sounds like the opening line of a joke. But it’s not. It’s just what happened in a remote Australian town last Friday.

Police were called to the Purple Pub in Newman after a large crowd had started to gather around a wingless light aircraft. The plane’s 37 year-old owner, who is described euphemistically by the police as a “local character” was inside having a drink. Staff and drinkers at the bar gave the man a slightly different description, labeling him a “legend”.

The two-seater Beechcraft aircraft had been driven across the town under its own power, during which time a small convoy of vehicles had slowly assembled behind it.
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U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub 2

The Dutch company U-Boat Worx has been building commercial submersibles for a while now. Their subs come in a variety of models, in fact they make no less than 7 different machines, ranging from 2-person light duty subs and 5-person leisure subs, to deep water (330 ft / 1000m) exploration subs. But one thing which stands out with U-Boat Worx submersibles is their styling. They always look like something out of a sci-fi film.

The latest addition to the U-Boat Worx lineup is the HP Sport Sub 2. It’s a compact and ultra-lightweight sub which has been designed to act as a luxury toy for superyacht owners. Illustrating its small size and weight, the 2-man sub can even be towed behind a car.
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