Limited Edition McLaren 650S Le Mans

At the 1995 Le Mans 24 hour race, the McLaren F1 GTR came out victorious. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the win, and also as a way to shift a few more cars, McLaren has created a limited edition version of the McLaren 650S, the McLaren 650S Le Mans.

The McLaren 650S Le Mans, of which only 50 will be built, was designed with the help of the F1’s designer, Peter Stevens, and the car is built by McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) division. One of the most prominent features of the special edition model is the roof-mounted ‘snorkel’ air intake inspired by the race-winning chassis #01R McLaren F1 GTR. Besides channeling air to the twin-turbo V8 behind, McLaren says it provides “enhanced aural drama within the cabin”.
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New Acura NSX Type R rendering

With the all-new second generation Acura NSX now more-or-less fully revealed you might expect the speculation around the car to stop. Or at least slow up. But already the company’s chief engineer has kickstarted another flurry of rumor and conjecture by hinting at a higher-spec Type R version of the car which might hit the showrooms in another two to three years.

Like the first generation NSX Type R, the new car will most likely include a number of chassis, drivetrain and aerodynamic enhancements designed to improve performance and handling. In anticipation of the new car, Hungarian automotive photoshopper X-Tomi has created a realistic rendering of the future car.
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All-new 2016 Ford GT Supercar

When Ford unveiled the Ford GT concept in 2002, people got excited. When they put it into production in 2005 people got really excited. When they discontinued it in 2006, people got a little bit less excited. And now in 2015, with the introduction of the all-new Ford GT at the Detroit Auto Show people are going f***ing nuts.

The all-new Ford GT is set for a 2016 production date, which also marks 50 years since the historic 1,2,3 win at Le Mans in 1966 with a trio of Ford GT40s. Just like the previous Ford GT, the new supercar takes some inspiration from the original car. But whereas its predecessor was more or a modern-day clone, the 2016 car is much more abstract.

The 2016 Ford GT also marks a departure from the V8 engine, and instead it features a twin-turbocharged 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6. But before anyone starts booing the loss of two cylinders, that V6 manages to produce over 600 horsepower, and is packed full of race-bred technologies, including an all-new, port/direct dual fuel-injection setup to improve engine response, plus a low-friction roller-finger-follower valvetrain. The transmission of choice is a seven-speed dual-clutch unit which Ford say offers near-instantaneous gear changes.
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Jaguar XJR-19 Le Mans Racer Concept

Back in 1988 and 1990, Jaguar took the chequered flag at Le Mans with the XJR-9 and XJR-12 group C race cars. To commemorate the historic victories, and 30 years since Jaguar’s last Le Mans 24hr win, transport designer Mark Hostler has developed a futuristic racer for the year 2020.

The design of the Jaguar XJR-19 LMP1 concept was heavily influenced by the XJR-9 and XJR-12, focusing on cutting a smooth, fluid shape into a primarily rectangular form.This has resulted in a central pod consisting of the passenger cell and drivetrain, suspended between a skeleton of sharp, flat surfaces that echo the slab sided group C racers of the 1980s and ’90s.
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Production Acura NSX to be unveiled in January

After what seems like an eternity, the Acura NSX will finally be revealed in production form at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show in January. The car has been displayed in concept versions for two years, but now Acura’s designers have finally settled on a definitive version that will be sold to buyers.

The new Acura NSX was designed at the Acura Design Studio in Torrance California, while development of the car is taking place at the company’s research and development facility in Raymond, Ohio.

The 2015 NSX will be Acura’s halo model, and according to Mike Accavitti, Acura division senior vice president and general manager, the car will stay; “true to its heritage”, which if true is fantastic.
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Willys AW 380 Berlinetta

Many automobiles are the result of international collaborations, but few can match the Willys AW 380 Berlinetta in terms of worldwide design and engineering input. Built by two Italian companies – Carrozzeria Viotti and Maggiora (both of which have been around since the 1920s), the Willys AW 380 Berlinetta revives an American company’s Brazilian-built-under-license version of a French-designed sports car. Powering the car is a German engine.

The car’s Renault Alpine A108 looks are not by accident. From 1962 to 1966 Willys’ Brazilian subsidiary built over 800 examples of a sports car called the Interlagos – which was based on the A108. The Interlagos was sold in berlinetta, coupĂ©, and convertible form.
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First of just six Ferrari Sergio supercars delivered

When Ferrari and Pininfarina unveiled the Sergio concept car last year, there was a chance it could go into production. Well it has, albeit in limited numbers. Just six Ferrari Sergios are to be built, and the first one has found its way to its new home in the United Arab Emirates.

Based on the 458 Spider, the Ferrari Sergio is an open-top, track-focused machine. It is powered by the 458’s engine, meaning it’s got a 4497 cc naturally aspirated V8 churning out 605 horsepower, sitting just behind the two-seat cockpit.

Thankfully Pininfarina and Ferrari have stayed true to the concept’s design, meaning it’s still one of the most extreme looking Ferraris of modern times. And with cars like the LaFerrari kicking around, that’s saying something.
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Jaguar XJ220 interior by Vilner

Would you let someone mess with the interior of your limited edition, extremely rare, high-value, mid-nineties supercar. Probably not. But someone has. The Bulgarian tuning firm Vilner has been commissioned by an unknown Jaguar XJ220 owner to create an updated bespoke interior.

Leaving aside the fact the resale value of the XJ220 (of which only 275 were built) has probably taken a hefty hit, Vilner’s changes are actually quite tasteful. They haven’t messed with the design too much, and the colors are nice and muted. The alterations are limited to making the interior a little more contemporary, and a little less plasticky.
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Aston Martin DB10 to star in James Bond film SPECTRE

Aston Martin has developed a brand-new car for the upcoming 2015 James Bond movie Spectre. Called the Aston Martin DB10, the concept was designed and built in-house by Aston Martin’s design and engineering team, led by Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer.

The film’s director, Sam Mendes, also played a part in the new DB10’s design. Although it’s unclear how much input he would have been given, it was probably fairly limited, considering the DB10 is also most probably a pretty good indication of the replacement vehicle for the ageing DB9. Chances are his role was limited to pointing out where he wanted the Bond gadgets to go.
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McLaren Special Operations introduce new accessories ranges

Regular, mainstream automotive manufacturers have accessories for their vehicles. Supercar manufacturers also have accessories for their vehicles, but for some reason – let’s call it snobbery – they can’t bring themselves to use the dirty word ‘accessory’, and so they have to come up with fancy names and acronyms to identify their add-on products.

McLaren’s name for their accessories department is McLaren Special Operations (MSO), which makes them sound like an elite military unit – which they aren’t. But McLaren take their accessory range to an even more ridiculously complicated level, by having no less than five different divisions within MSO, each providing different personalization and after sales support options.
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