Video: Kenyan Air Force jet buzzes airbase, stuff falls down

A pair of Kenyan Air Force Northrop F-5 Tiger II fighter jets buzzed their own airbase recently, resulting in some impromptu topiary of a nearby tree. The soldiers filming the event sure got a laugh out of it. But whoever is responsible for clearing up the mess probably won’t find it so funny.

The Northrop F-5 is a light supersonic jet which is operated by many countries as either a fighter aircraft or an advanced jet trainer. The aircraft is extremely popular due to its low unit cost, good reliability, and highly commended flying qualities – even being compared to the far more expensive F-16.
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Video: Wild elephant destroys cars in Thailand

Video has emerged of a wild male elephant in Thailand inadvertently destroying several cars at the Khao Yai National Park on January 11, 2015.

The elephant doesn’t look like he’s actively trying to wreck the cars. It appears that he’s using them more as a scratching post. But when you can weigh up to 5 tons, accidents are going to happen.
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Video: MiniDrones vs Evil Remote Control Cars

Short videos of RC vehicles doing blockbuster movie-like stunts are all the rage these days. One of the latest ones is a mini-story involving some plucky little RC toys desperately trying to ferry a shipment of fresh batteries to a teddy bear in desperate need of some new AAs.

It’s sort of like Mad Max crossed with Transformers, shrunken down to 1:10 scale.
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Video: Truck jumps F1 car and breaks world record

The Lotus F1 Team, and one of their technical partners, EMC – who specialize in IT services and cloud computing, have put together a slightly crazy stunt for no good reason. EMC says it was to highlight how they “Redefine Motorsports”. But judging by all the incomprehensible marketing-speak they seem to spew out, that could mean almost anything.

But the end result is crystal clear. EMC managed to jump a truck 83 feet and 7 inches (25.47 meters), breaking the world record, and to top it all off, while it was in the air a Lotus F1 car drove under it.
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Video: Giant Robotic Dragon fights Huge Robotic Spider

Two enormous mythical beasts have done battle in the Olympic Park in Beijing, China as part of a festival commemorating 50 years of diplomatic ties between France and China. Quite how a 230 ft (70 meter) long dragon kicking the ass of a spider with a 65 foot (20 meter) leg span, celebrates two countries being (for the most part) friends for half a century isn’t all that clear. Perhaps it’s because both the robots were built in France, by a specialist robotics company called La Machine. Or perhaps it’s just because a dragon and a spider fighting is more exciting than a piece of cheese duking it out with a wanton.

The epic battle is said to be loosely based on a Chinese legend, where an ancient goddess is said to have saved humanity from destruction after one of the pillars holding up heaven collapsed. The horse-dragon is called Long-Ma, while the spider is called, unusually, The Princess.
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Video: Ferrari 348 driver loses control after showing off

A Belgian (?) Ferrari driver lost control of his 348 convertible after putting on a little show for someone with a camera phone, and an unsuspecting little old lady.

Unfortunately his questionable driving skills weren’t enough to save himself, his blonde lady friend and his shiny red Ferrari from taking a fairly low-speed, but also probably also rather expensive, tap against an unforgiving brick wall.
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Video: Watch these RC off-roaders go on a woodland adventure

SXC10 RC off road models

There are some pretty cool RC car videos out there. Some might say they’re a pointless waste of time, and that’s fine. But unless you’re a Hollywood director who can do this. Equally, how many people in the world can hoon a Mk1 Ford Escort rally car on their own private dirt track when they want. This guy can. In 1/5th scale anyway.

This video of two RC off-roaders tackling a snow-covered trail is surprisingly realistic too. It features a pair of SCX10 models, one with a  Jeep Rubicon shell, the other with a Chevy Silverado body.
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Video: Trucker does a 3-point turn on edge of 1,000ft drop

Joachim Held trucker mountainside 3 point turn

I don’t like heights. Lots of people don’t like heights. Joachim Held of Austria is not one of those people.

Twice a day he does a 3-point turn on the side of a mountain, with a 1,000 ft (300 metre) drop just inches away. One bad judgement call and his lumber hauling days are over.

Joachim, works as a trucker taking logs down from the peaks of Eisenerz, near Styria, Austria. Most of his twice daily commute is tough but not insane. However at one point along his journey he is forced to turn around his truck and trailer on a hair pin bend. There’s no safety barrier, and not even a solid road surface, just compacted mud and gravel.
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Video: Testing the brakes of a Leopard 2 tank

Leopard tank extreme brake test

It seems that in the Netherlands, the military sticks to a rather stringent pass/fail strategy when it comes to their tank drivers. More or less, the only explanation for the insanity captured in this video is all the participants are Dutch, and therefore their reaction to crazy, life endangering situations is… Meh.

The video shows a Leopard 2 tank coming to an emergency stop behind two rows of besuited people (said to be fellow soldiers) facing away from the rapidly approaching 62 ton war machine. It’s not until the tank comes to rest just a few feet behind that they finally turn around to see how close they came to becoming people pate.
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Video: Camaro loses its T-top with Go-Pro camera attached

Camaro T-top GoPro camera flys off

GoPro cameras are everywhere nowadays. Basically if you’re planning on doing something either dumb or adrenaline inducing, the first step is to get a GoPro and film it. This particular GoPro is a pretty good advert for the quality and durability of the camera, because after being thrown roughly 30 feet in the air from a speeding Camaro (said to be doing 100 mph at the time) and landing on an unforgiving drag strip, it still continues to record.
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