Video: Watch these RC off-roaders go on a woodland adventure

SXC10 RC off road models

There are some pretty cool RC car videos out there. Some might say they’re a pointless waste of time, and that’s fine. But unless you’re a Hollywood director who can do this. Equally, how many people in the world can hoon a Mk1 Ford Escort rally car on their own private dirt track when they want. This guy can. In 1/5th scale anyway.

This video of two RC off-roaders tackling a snow-covered trail is surprisingly realistic too. It features a pair of SCX10 models, one with a  Jeep Rubicon shell, the other with a Chevy Silverado body.
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Video: Trucker does a 3-point turn on edge of 1,000ft drop

Joachim Held trucker mountainside 3 point turn

I don’t like heights. Lots of people don’t like heights. Joachim Held of Austria is not one of those people.

Twice a day he does a 3-point turn on the side of a mountain, with a 1,000 ft (300 metre) drop just inches away. One bad judgement call and his lumber hauling days are over.

Joachim, works as a trucker taking logs down from the peaks of Eisenerz, near Styria, Austria. Most of his twice daily commute is tough but not insane. However at one point along his journey he is forced to turn around his truck and trailer on a hair pin bend. There’s no safety barrier, and not even a solid road surface, just compacted mud and gravel.
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Video: Testing the brakes of a Leopard 2 tank

Leopard tank extreme brake test

It seems that in the Netherlands, the military sticks to a rather stringent pass/fail strategy when it comes to their tank drivers. More or less, the only explanation for the insanity captured in this video is all the participants are Dutch, and therefore their reaction to crazy, life endangering situations is… Meh.

The video shows a Leopard 2 tank coming to an emergency stop behind two rows of besuited people (said to be fellow soldiers) facing away from the rapidly approaching 62 ton war machine. It’s not until the tank comes to rest just a few feet behind that they finally turn around to see how close they came to becoming people pate.
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Video: Camaro loses its T-top with Go-Pro camera attached

Camaro T-top GoPro camera flys off

GoPro cameras are everywhere nowadays. Basically if you’re planning on doing something either dumb or adrenaline inducing, the first step is to get a GoPro and film it. This particular GoPro is a pretty good advert for the quality and durability of the camera, because after being thrown roughly 30 feet in the air from a speeding Camaro (said to be doing 100 mph at the time) and landing on an unforgiving drag strip, it still continues to record.
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Video: 500-ton Russian Hovercraft invades busy beach

Russian Hovercraft invades beach

Russian sunseekers happily relaxing on Mechnikovo beach, near Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, had their peace and quiet rudely disturbed by a 500-ton Zubr-class military hovercraft – currently the largest hovercraft in the world. The Zubr-class of hovercraft is quite frankly massive. Within its 400 square meter cargo area it  can carry three main battle tanks, or 500 troops. It has a range of armament including missile launchers, rocket launchers and a whole load of very nasty machine guns. In short, not what you want to see when you’re sitting around in Speedos.

Apparently when this particular Zubr came ashore a whole load of marines jumped out and began to order everyone off the beach. Reports suggest the marines were less-than-polite in the way they asked people to leave. Although to be fair, trying to drive a 500-ton hovercraft over them was probably worse.
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Video: U2 Spyplane pilots didn’t eat curry the day before flying

U2 spyplane crew meals

In an interesting 6-minute mini-documentary on NASA’s experimental aircraft, mainly revolving around the Lockheed ER-2 – which is a derivative of the U2 spyplane – Jon Stewart (not the Daily Show one) asked NASA pilots about their pressure suits and the hardships of flying 10-hour missions encased in what is essentially an air-tight boiler suit.

Besides finding out what they eat and drink during a mission, Jon also asked the burning question of what happens when nature calls at 70,000 ft (21,300 metres).
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Video: SpaceX Grasshopper Reusable Rocket tested to 325m (1066 feet)

SpaceX Grasshopper reusable rocket

Some amateur rocketeers are content to play with two-foot tall replicas of the Apollo rocket. But if you’re the Billionaire Elon Musk, co-founder of Paypal, and now electric car company owner and private spaceflight pioneer, then you can go bigger. Much bigger.

The SpaceX Grasshopper is a reusable rocket which is about 10 storeys tall. It consists of a Falcon 9 rocket first stage, Merlin 1D engine, four steel and aluminium landing legs with hydraulic dampers, and a steel support structure. Where the SpaceX Grasshopper differs from other rockets, is in the fact it is designed to be used more than once. Unlike other rockets which burn up on re-entry, the Grasshopper can survive the intense heat, and then guide itself back down to earth and land on its tail.
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Video: Helicopter pilot comes to the rescue… of an RC plane

helicopter pilot rescues rc plane

Here’s one which should make your day a little brighter. What with a depressingly high percentage of people/politicians/bureaucrats out to  screw their fellow man in just about every possible way, usually for little or no reason, it’s always uplifting to see when someone does a nice thing for someone just for the simple fact they can. Not because they’re being paid to. If you happen to do your nice thing while in a helicopter. Well that just makes it 1,000 times better.

The heroes of today’s short flick are a couple of dudes in a little heli. From the way they’re communicating I’m guessing it’s an instructor and his student. Anyway, while cruising along over the countryside the older guy spots a RC plane flying around… Well I won’t spoil it for you.
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How it’s built – Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C production line

In recent years, documentaries about how stuff gets built have become more and more popular. So, the guys at Alfa Romeo have decided to proudly show us some details on how the 4C sports car is being built. And they do have some moments to be proud of, as all of you with a car geek soul will see in the pics and video below.

With a range that is almost entirely of European fame, Alfa Romeo really needs some added excitement up if it’s going to be a success in the US. The hype was started by the beautiful and lavishly exclusive 8C Competizione/Spider. But, as that sports car ended production, so did the buzz surrounding it, and there is no better time for a smaller, more affordable sibling. Especially if it’s going to be produced in larger numbers.
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Video: Deer meets bus

deer comes through bus window

Here’s one you don’t see all that often. A deer taking a faceful of bus and living to see another day.

The incident occurred in Pennsylvania, when a deer which was sprinting across the road got whacked full bore by a 10 ton bus. The animal comes flying though the windscreen, fortunately missing the driver, and falls to the floor of the bus before quickly getting to its feet and trying to make another hole in the side of the bus to get out.
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