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  1. I dislike the new website. I dont like how every thing is categorized. It does have a great ease of access. I at least ask of you to have an option of switching formats. I like the old one. Also I miss vehicle abbreviations. This helped me understand cars better. Please consider.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback on the new design of diseno-art.

    I just wanted to let you know why the changes have been made and what has been done.

    The newly designed site now has a reponsive layout. Meaning that if you view it on a smart phone or tablet, or resize the window on your desktop or laptop, it will adjust its size to fit.

    The same category lists as before can be found in the top navigation bar. They should be more or less the same as before. The only section which has been removed from the top was the “modified cars” section.

    The thumbnails were removed because they were causing a drain on the server resources. They were nice (I liked them too!), but every time the page loaded up to 1,000 small images were loaded at the same time slowing down the page. The images have been kept for the Strange Vehicles, Aircraft, Boats and Submarines categorys beacause those pages are smaller.

    The vehicles abbreviations section might be making a comeback. It was deleted as part of an earlier redesign because it wasn’t getting much traffic. But it might get reinstated in the future if we can figure out a better way to integrate it into the site as a whole.

    If there was a way we could offer you the option to switch back to the old design we would. Unfortunatley that’s not possible as the site has been moved to the new design and the two cannot run in parallel.

    I hope that answers some of your questions regarding the new design.

    Many thanks,
    Jeff Darling

  3. I like the site. I come here regularly for my regular dose of car “naughtiness”.
    But I do have one HUGE comment.

    I don’t have time to check the website every day. But if I go to the News section, the latest article is from February 9th. What happened here? The problem isn’t browser-related, because it happens when I use Chrome, Internet Explorer or Opera. Can this problem be fixed?


  4. Why is the last article in the news section in February? i wish I could check everyday, but i’m only human and humans tend to forget to to thing from time to time. I love coming to this website to explore new cars, even educate myself on some, but I cant do that if there is nothing new in the news section. Also I hope later on in the near future, vehicle abbreviations will make a return. I aspire to be an engineer when I grow up and start a car company of my own, maybe even being featured on this website and the vehicle abbreviations section really helps me.

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