Audi unveils refreshed 2015 A6 lineup

2015 Audi A6 sedan

Audi has given the entire A6 range a slight makeover for 2015. The changes include minor revisions to the exterior styling, some miniscule updates to the interior and a few engine upgrades. The A6 sedan and Avant, as well as the Allroad quattro and the higher performance S6 and RS 6 models are all affected by the changes.

The 2015 upgrades are all pretty small, and if you weren’t a fan of the A6 before, then nothing here is going to change your mind. Likewise, if you were a fan of the A6, then there’s nothing to put you off.

The principle exterior changes include new headlights and tail lights and almost imperceptible revisions to the front grille and bumpers. On the inside new colors are available, including Flint Gray for the A6 and Salsa Red for the S6. The front seats now come with optional ventilation and massage. There are also upgrades and improvements to the infotainment system, air conditioning system (which is now four-zone instead of dual-zone), and safety systems – like adaptive cruise control, Audi side assist and Audi active lane assist.
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Audi A 2.0 e-tron concept car

Audi A 2.0 e-tron concept car

The Audi A 2.0 e-tron concept is the work of a trio of automotive design students, Giacomo Franceschi, Antonio Paglia, and Cem Kayserili, from the Politecnico di Milan university. The project was sponsored by Audi, and the goal was to design a 100-percent electric-powered compact city car which would appeal to younger buyers in the 18-30 age group.

Inspiration for the concept came from a wide variety of sources, ranging from the logical – like modern sporting gear, gadgets, electronics, and recent Audi concept cars. To the slightly more surreal – like the military droids from the Star Wars movies.
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1973 Audi Asso di Picche concept by Italdesign

Audi Asso di Picche concept by Italdesign

In the 1970s, car design was all about the angular wedge. “Make ‘em pointy and they will sell” was the motto of car designers at the time. Actually it wasn’t. But it may as well have been. Italdesign was no exception, in fact they were one of the champions of the wedge design. And when they designed a four-seater sports coupe for Audi in 1973, how could it be anything else.

The Audi Asso di Picche concept by Italdesign was based on an Audi 80 platform. Although interestingly it wasn’t Audi who commissioned the car, it was in fact designed at the request Karmann Coachworks. Karmann hoped that they could get Audi interested enough in the car to get them to order a limited run which Karmann would then manufacture for the company.

The styling of the Audi Asso di Picche (Italian for Ace of Spades) was partially inspired by a previous Italdesign concept, the Boomerang supercar – which had been designed for Maserati a couple of years before. However for the Asso di Picche the extreme styling and unusual window configuration of the Boomerang was ditched for something a bit more sensible.
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Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept

Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro concept

At this year’s Worthersee festival, the annual car show dedicated to all things VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda, Audi is bringing along an S3-based super sedan called the Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept. The car is an extreme version of the S3, featuring a high-powered engine, enhanced chassis, active aerodynamics and modified bodywork.

The Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept all starts with a not-so-humble S3. Audi’s engineers first ripped out the standard car’s 2.0 litre¬† turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and replaced it with a 2.5 litre five-cylinder turbo’d engine which develops a mighty 525 horsepower. This engine is the same found in the RS Q3 performance SUV, and has been voted “International Engine of the Year” in its category no less than four times. In the A3 clubsport quattro concept the engine has been enhanced with a new high-flow intake and exhaust system.
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Audi TT offroad concept – What is it?

Audi TT offroad concept

At the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, Audi took the covers off an all-new show car called the Audi TT offroad concept. It’s an enigmatic jumble of the Audi TT’s name, the jacked-up stance of the A6 Allroad, and the “offroad” title thrown in for good measure. Add to that the fact Audi are calling it an “all-new sports car” – while simultaneously saying it has the utility of a compact SUV – and you can see why it’s so confusing. It seems that with the Audi TT offroad concept the company are trying to cover every conceivable category of vehicle with just one car.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, one of the top dogs of Audi Technical Development was a little clearer on the concept’s role, stating that it was: “A glimpse of how we might imagine a new model in a future TT family”. If that’s true, then the Audi TT offroad concept is more than likely a preview of a four-door version of the TT – forget the increased ride height and ruggedized wheel arch extensions, they’re just for the show car.

Powering the Audi TT offroad concept is a plug-in rechargeable hybrid drivetrain which produces an impressive 400 horsepower and 480 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque. With that, the concept is able to accelerate from 0-62 mph (100km/h) in 5.2 seconds, and continue on until the electronic limiter kicks in a 155 mph. In addition the concept can travel for up to 30 miles (50 km) on electric power alone.
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Audi exclusive RS 7 dynamic edition

Audi exclusive RS 7 dynamic edition

The Audi exclusive RS 7 dynamic edition – lower case letters intentional – is a limited edition version of the high-performance RS 7 model. The car will make its world debut at the 2014 New York Motor Show later today.

The Audi exclusive RS 7 dynamic edition features several of the personalization options which are offered through the Audi exclusive program. On the New York show car this means crimson red contrasting stitching, carbon fiber trim and a sportier suspension setup.

The exterior of the Audi exclusive RS 7 dynamic edition also features 21-inch gloss-black wheels, behind which hide bright red brake calipers complete with RS 7 logos. Up front is a carbon fiber splitter, while at the rear is a carbon fiber air diffuser.
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All-new third-generation Audi TT arrives

2015 3rd generation Audi TTS

The Audi TT is one of the most iconic modern sports cars. The first generation car was the real headline grabber. It won numerous design awards across the globe, and despite being 16 years-old this year (although design work began on the car a surprising 20 years ago)  it still looks the part.

Audi are hoping that the 3rd generation TT will be as big a design hit as the first car. The initial signs are promising. Obviously everybody kinda knew what to expect, and Audi weren’t going to play too risky with the styling – the TT is too important a model for that. But I think what they’ve come up with is a car which wear’s the company’s currently rather clinical and sterile design language rather well. The TTS looks particularly appealing with its more aggressive bodywork and superior trim.

The front of the new TT is dominated by the large single frame grille which is much broader and flatter than that of the previous model. The narrow headlights are intended to give the car a serious appearance. Xenon units are fitted as standard, with LED headlight available as optional extras.
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2015 Audi TT previewed ahead of its Geneva debut

2015 third-generation Audi TT

The third-generation Audi TT is about to make its world debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show next month. But ahead of its unveiling, Audi have released some sketches which provide pretty good taster of what to expect. To accompany the images, Audi has also published some details regarding the new TT.

The designers have turned to the first-generation TT – much more of a design icon than the current car – for inspiration. The front of the car features a broad singleframe grille with horizontal slats. Two style lines create a V-pattern over the hood, and the four rings have been moved from the center of the grille onto the hood, mimicking the R8.

The futuristic headlights are available with optional LED technology or its pioneering Matrix LED technology, where controllable individual light-emitting diodes generate the main beam.
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All-new Audi S3 Cabriolet – 300 hp drop-top arrives later in 2014

Audi S3 Cabriolet

For the first time ever, Audi are introducing a convertible version of the S3. The all-new, 300 horsepower Audi S3 Cabriolet will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, with order books opening in spring, and the first deliveries this summer.

Fitted with a soft-top roof (available in three different colors) with an electrohydraulic drive, the S3 Cabriolet uses Magnesium, aluminium and high-strength steel in its construction to keep the weight down. The car measures 4.43 meters (14.53 ft) long, has a wheelbase of 2.60 meters (8.53 ft), and is 1.79 meters (5.87 ft) wide and 1.39 meters (4.56 ft) tall. Strangely, those dimensions make it almost identical in size to the first generation Audi A4 (1995 – 2001).

Styling highlights of the S3 Cabriolet include the Singleframe grille, surrounded by a chrome frame, which features a platinum-grey insert and double cross-struts with an aluminium look. In addition the car features aluminium strips on the windshield frame and beltline, aluminium-look exterior mirror housings and edged sill trims all familiar to other Audi “S” models. The taillights are equipped with LEDs as standard. S3 badges adorn the front and rear.
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The next Audi A4? If only…

2014 Audi A4 concept

Theophilus Chin, the ludicrously talented Photoshop jockey who specializes in automotive manipulation, has just had a go at forecasting what the next-generation A4 might look like.

He’s used the Audi Sport Quattro concept for inspiration, a fantastic choice in my opinion, and the final result is something which looks rather special.
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