Video: Kenyan Air Force jet buzzes airbase, stuff falls down

A pair of Kenyan Air Force Northrop F-5 Tiger II fighter jets buzzed their own airbase recently, resulting in some impromptu topiary of a nearby tree. The soldiers filming the event sure got a laugh out of it. But whoever is responsible for clearing up the mess probably won’t find it so funny.

The Northrop F-5 is a light supersonic jet which is operated by many countries as either a fighter aircraft or an advanced jet trainer. The aircraft is extremely popular due to its low unit cost, good reliability, and highly commended flying qualities – even being compared to the far more expensive F-16.
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Video: Wild elephant destroys cars in Thailand

Video has emerged of a wild male elephant in Thailand inadvertently destroying several cars at the Khao Yai National Park on January 11, 2015.

The elephant doesn’t look like he’s actively trying to wreck the cars. It appears that he’s using them more as a scratching post. But when you can weigh up to 5 tons, accidents are going to happen.
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Video: MiniDrones vs Evil Remote Control Cars

Short videos of RC vehicles doing blockbuster movie-like stunts are all the rage these days. One of the latest ones is a mini-story involving some plucky little RC toys desperately trying to ferry a shipment of fresh batteries to a teddy bear in desperate need of some new AAs.

It’s sort of like Mad Max crossed with Transformers, shrunken down to 1:10 scale.
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Top 10 Vehicles to beat the Black Friday sales rush

Black friday brings out the very worst in people. It turns normally sensible people in to greedy, violent, abusive consumers who will trample over their fellow human just to get 50 percent off on a new toaster. It’s disgraceful. But at the end of the day, if you’re intent on picking up some bargains, then there are two options. Get in and get out quickly. Or smash your way through the hordes and come out victorious.

Here are ten vehicles to help you win at Black Friday.
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Australian man drives airplane to the bar for a drink

An Australian man drove an airplane to the bar for a drink… It sounds like the opening line of a joke. But it’s not. It’s just what happened in a remote Australian town last Friday.

Police were called to the Purple Pub in Newman after a large crowd had started to gather around a wingless light aircraft. The plane’s 37 year-old owner, who is described euphemistically by the police as a “local character” was inside having a drink. Staff and drinkers at the bar gave the man a slightly different description, labeling him a “legend”.

The two-seater Beechcraft aircraft had been driven across the town under its own power, during which time a small convoy of vehicles had slowly assembled behind it.
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Release your inner geek with an RC Star Trek Enterprise model. Or Not.

The remote control model building community is ridiculously active and innovative. Especially when it comes to making model aircraft which look like they would be incapable of flight – but actually do so surprisingly well. Combine that with the shape of the Star Trek Enterprise (Enterprise D for total nerds), which always looked like it would never be able to fly in an atmosphere, and you have the recipe for one weird RC toy.

Captain Picard’s scaled-down flagship might not be warp-powered, in fact it relies on a small propeller housed in the saucer section, but it seems to be more than enough for the lightweight foam-built model. Control of the model is accomplished via ailerons at the back of the saucer, and an elevator at the rear of the model.
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Road workers ‘rihgt’ turn road sign mistake

Some road workers in Warsop, Nottinhamshire, England made an elementary mistake when painting a simple road sign outside a supermarket.

Instead of saying ‘Right Turn’ the bungling contractors decided “Rihgt Turn” was close enough, packed up and left. It was a Friday afternoon after all! Local man Eric Hill spotted the glaring error before the workers had a chance to rectify their mistake.
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Video: Ferrari 348 driver loses control after showing off

A Belgian (?) Ferrari driver lost control of his 348 convertible after putting on a little show for someone with a camera phone, and an unsuspecting little old lady.

Unfortunately his questionable driving skills weren’t enough to save himself, his blonde lady friend and his shiny red Ferrari from taking a fairly low-speed, but also probably also rather expensive, tap against an unforgiving brick wall.
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Truck with the words “We Fit” gets stuck under a bridge in London

A Halfords truck got stuck under a bridge in London yesterday afternoon. Nobody was hurt, and aside from the truck’s trailer, nothing else was damaged, except for the driver’s dignity.

What makes the story a little more amusing is the fact that in big bold black and white letters on the back of the trailer are the words “We Fit” – alluding to the fact the car and bicycle parts store will fit the stuff it sells – and not an over-confident statement of the vehicle’s ability to slip under bridges.
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Video: Driver in London reverses off Tow Truck

A driver in London resented the fact the fact his car was about to be towed away for a parking violation, so took matters into his own hands in a manner even the Duke boys would have been proud of.

After climbing onto the back of the tow truck the driver enters his aged Vauxhall Astra, pulls forward a fraction for a better run-up, throws it into reverse, and flies off the back of the truck.
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