Video: Driver in London reverses off Tow Truck

driver drives off tow truck in London

A driver in London resented the fact the fact his car was about to be towed away for a parking violation, so took matters into his own hands in a manner even the Duke boys would have been proud of.

After climbing onto the back of the tow truck the driver enters his aged Vauxhall Astra, pulls forward a fraction for a better run-up, throws it into reverse, and flies off the back of the truck.
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Galactic Gear “reviews” Origin M50 Interceptor spaceship

top gear spaceship spoof

In order to garner some extra publicity for the upcoming massive multiplayer role playing game Star Citizen, its creators have developed a humerous little spoof video showing a Top Gear-esque review of the Origin M50 spaceship.

In the review a digital Jeremy Clarkson hommage introduces the M50, before taking it for a spin and pitting it against a previous model. It’s superbly done, and has certainly done the job of attracting more attention to the crowd-funded game. Not that it needed the additional exposure, having successfully attacted over $51 million in funding as of last month!
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Video: Camaro loses its T-top with Go-Pro camera attached

Camaro T-top GoPro camera flys off

GoPro cameras are everywhere nowadays. Basically if you’re planning on doing something either dumb or adrenaline inducing, the first step is to get a GoPro and film it. This particular GoPro is a pretty good advert for the quality and durability of the camera, because after being thrown roughly 30 feet in the air from a speeding Camaro (said to be doing 100 mph at the time) and landing on an unforgiving drag strip, it still continues to record.
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Video: U2 Spyplane pilots didn’t eat curry the day before flying

U2 spyplane crew meals

In an interesting 6-minute mini-documentary on NASA’s experimental aircraft, mainly revolving around the Lockheed ER-2 – which is a derivative of the U2 spyplane – Jon Stewart (not the Daily Show one) asked NASA pilots about their pressure suits and the hardships of flying 10-hour missions encased in what is essentially an air-tight boiler suit.

Besides finding out what they eat and drink during a mission, Jon also asked the burning question of what happens when nature calls at 70,000 ft (21,300 metres).
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Video: Helicopter pilot comes to the rescue… of an RC plane

helicopter pilot rescues rc plane

Here’s one which should make your day a little brighter. What with a depressingly high percentage of people/politicians/bureaucrats out to¬† screw their fellow man in just about every possible way, usually for little or no reason, it’s always uplifting to see when someone does a nice thing for someone just for the simple fact they can. Not because they’re being paid to. If you happen to do your nice thing while in a helicopter. Well that just makes it 1,000 times better.

The heroes of today’s short flick are a couple of dudes in a little heli. From the way they’re communicating I’m guessing it’s an instructor and his student. Anyway, while cruising along over the countryside the older guy spots a RC plane flying around… Well I won’t spoil it for you.
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1980s cars disappearing from British roads faster than any other decade

classic cars disappearing

That headline probably isn’t all that surprising to anyone with eyes. Which I’m assuming is most of you seeing as you’re reading this. The 1980s was a pretty disastrous decade for the automobile the world over. In the US car design had almost completely stagnated, with the big three pretty much living on the fact most buyers of the time wouldn’t consider anything that wasn’t ‘Merican made. In the UK quality control had become laughable, with the workers in the automotive industry spending most of the previous decade¬† either on strike, or in the breakroom demanding more tea breaks.

Today what that means is that 1980s cars are (thankfully) headed to the junk yard at a faster rate than any other generation of automobiles. In a study conducted by the British motoring website, they discovered that out of the many vehicles which had been produced in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in that decade, there were some which were now down to their last couple hundred.

Honestjohn have put together a list of the top 20 fastest dissapearing family cars in the UK. Unsurprisingly almost every single one of them is from a British manufacturer. But just to make sure the story ends on a high note, they’ve also complied a list of the top 10 classic survivors…
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Video: Crazy landing, incredible skills.

crazy landing

Usually when skydiving it’s the jumpers who have a wild ride, not the people left in the airplane. However in this instance its the guys who didn’t hurl themselves from a perfectly good aircraft who get the real adrenaline rush.

The video is the work of one very skilled pilot, and one very trusting co-pilot.
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