BMW have just released yet another special edition M3 model. This time it’s called the M3 CRT, and yes, the primary aim of the car is to cut weight. The BMW M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) features a range of carbon-fiber components, which when added up account for around (154 lbs) 70 kgs of weight loss off the M3’s already svelte frame. However its not just the fact the M3 CRT has some trick carbon fiber bits that’s the real news, instead BMW is keen to highlight the high-tech manufacturing method in which the components are made. The same process of manufacturing complicated carbon fiber components and bodypanels will be used when BMW starts manufacturing the i3 and i8 models.
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Video: Granny drifting an M3

Granny drifting a car

In this video, which we’re fairly sure comes from Belgium, a young M3 owner gets a bit of a shock when his car takes off and starts drifting around the parking lot. It’s difficult to say whether it’s staged stunt, and just edited to look like a spontaneous event. Or whether the silver-haired hoon is real, and just proving that old age doesn’t necessarily slow you down.

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