Castle Three Motor Company unveil their crowd-funded 3-wheeler

Castle Three Motor Company 3 wheeler

Castle Three Motor Company, a British company based in Alnwick, Northumberland, have just released a series of sketches showing their retro-inspired rival to the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Funding for the car has been provided via crowd-funding on CrowdCube. However the goal of £200, 000 wasn’t met in the time required. Instead Castle Three Motor Company ended up with £30,000 from almost 70 investors. Despite the obvious shortfall, the company have bravely chosen to power on with the car’s development.

The Castle Three Motor Company’s return to business marks a revival for a company who built 350 three-wheeled cars between 1919 and 1922. The new car has some of the retro style of the original, however it also has a contemporary feel highlighted by its clean lines and LED lighting.
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Morgan gets in on the electric car thing

Morgan Electric Car

The Morgan Motor Company have made themselves famous for sticking to tradition. But underneath all that old-world bodywork lies a plethora of modern tech – unless you go for one of their retro-models that is. However the Morgan Aero SuperSports  is one of their forward-thinking models, and to highlight that fact, it’s being used as the basis for Morgan’s electric car prototypes.

The Morgan +E programme will produce two engineering concept vehicles early in 2012. The 4.8 litre BMW V8  of the Aero SuperSports will be replaced by an electric powertrain driving through a conventional manual gearbox.
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